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The Sugar Controversy...or...Everything You Know Is Wrong.

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bar la moura 🇭🇷 | 109 ratings Posted 29 May '22

guys, this is really intriguing discussion, started in 2016, and i respect Cptn Jimbo as an expert, 

but i think it s too late to go back to have just honest rum with no additives

big producers do this dosing, put all in charming bottles, do good marketing

and people just buying and telling others how good stuff they bought and drink

(just look what are ratings in this site), i ve fallen for many good looking bottles too, 

now i try to check all those hydrometer tests before buying ...

only way this can be stopped it s to have a global regulation about this spirit

i m curious to see the day that a rum with additives will have on the label

rum liquor instead of just rum, will the sales drop ? will the so called premiums 

be expensive or have prices lowered ?

but until big producers are so strong i can t see this day coming, probably they will

never allow such a global regulation ...

same it s happening with food and beverage industry, big corporations making big

profits by poisoning us slowly, or what about big pharma ?

maybe i m a pessimist, maybe just realistic ... but i do like reading what people like you 

writing here, it give me some hope for the future ... good job guys !!!