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Shipping times for Rum Ratings Club single orders

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Bendi 🇺🇸 | 0 ratings Author Posted 18 May '22

I wanted to send a bottle of Appleton Estate 21-Year to a friend in Indiana, and lucked out with Rum Ratings both having it in stock and shippable to that state. Needless to say I ordered some immediately.

Ideally I want it to arrive by May 27th for a celebration he has planned; does anyone who's ordered single bottles off the site know how long it takes to ship? Thanks.

Phil 🇺🇸 | 0 ratings Replied 7 Jun '22

Hi Bendi,


Care to share your experience with the single order from RumRatings Club? I ordered a bottle back on May 28th, and my communication with RumRatings Club has been less than ideal. I've gotten no shipping information yet, I've asked multiple times, and there's no order information when I logged into the site.

asdf_rums 🇺🇸 | 0 ratings Replied 15 Aug '22

I also ordered an Appleton Estate 21yr, and am concerned that I don't have any receipt or way to check the status of the order. I ordered it 10 days ago, and haven't gotten any communication on it. I've tried e-mailing the support address, and hope to hear something from them soon.

Phil 🇺🇸 | 0 ratings Replied 16 Aug '22

Hey asfd_rums,


tldr: My experience was less than good, and while I did get a refund, I won't purchase from them again.


Apologies, writing on mobile:


I will tell the story of my particular purchase with RumsRating, your miles may vary. I placed an order on May 28th for a Holmes Cay Belize 2005 bottle, which showed availability on the website. I noticed I could purchase up to 10 of these bottles on the site, so I placed an order for 1 bottle with the intent to purchase a case, or the remainder available (10 total minus the 1 I purchased). May 28th I emailed support, the same day I placed the order, asking how many bottles they had in stock, and shipping timelines for my order. May 30th I received a reply saying they were going to check stock with their distributor, they also advised me shipping time had been delayed to about a week. June 3rd I replied asking if they had any news on stock availability from their distributor. June 6th i received a reply with a list of available Holmes Cay bottles from their distributor, the one I had ordered was not part of the list. So, I replied the same day (June 6th) asking if the bottle I ordered was the last one available, or if they were out of that bottle. June 9th at 9:14am I sent a follow up email asking if I would be getting the bottle I ordered, or not, and if not, to send me a refund. They replied on June 9th at 9:18am with a screenshot of a delivery time and day, that screenshot stated "Thursday 6/9 by 11:00pm." June 11th I send them a reply asking for the actual tracking number because I had not received the shipment. June 14th I sent a follow up email asking again for a tracking number, since I had not received the shipment. They replied right after on the 14th saying they would get the tracking number for me. June 15th they sent me a tracking link, the tracking number/link had no delivery date and the order had not been shipped, the status was "label created, awaiting shipment." I replied on June 15th thanking them for the tracking# and asking if there was an expected delivery date. June 17th I sent a follow up email, asking for an update on my previous question, and feedback on the difficulties of processing my order. They replied on June 17th stating that the bottle I ordered was out of stock, they could substitute with one of the available bottles or refund my order. June 17th I replied asking them to refund my order, and they replied the right after confirming that they would. June 18th I received an email stating my order was refunded, I received the actual refund a few days later.


All in all, I'm just happy I received my refund, but the customer support is not stellar. To their defense though, at least they replied to my emails, but there's a huge discrepancy between them and any other shop I've dealt with. My wife does rum reviews on youtube and we live in Florida, so we order from many liquour stores and distilleries from many states, and I've yet to experience something quite like this (knock on wood). Mind you, that bottle of rum I ordered (Holmes Cay Belize 2005) is still available for purchase on the website, they should have made that bottle unavailable (better yet, unpurchaseable, or stock not available) by now.


Best of luck to you and your order, in my experience though, the site does not reflect accurate stock availability, so hopefully you ordered something their distributor actually has in stock.

Jimmy Cliff avatar image
Jimmy Cliff (PREMIUM) 🇺🇸 | 442 ratings Replied 16 Aug '22

Took me about 6 weeks last order, but I still order from them if not in a hurry. Both Reserve Bar & Flavier have done a good job for me on gifts and time specific orders. 

Jay avatar image
Jay (TASTING CLUB) 🇺🇸 | 2 ratings Replied 19 Nov '22

Very disappointing 

I ordered 5 bottles of rum about 2 weeks ago with no feedback whatsoever. How do you have a company that cannot even communicate or fill orders that have been placed as in the past comments have experienced. 

I had originally signed up for the rum tastings for the year but I have since cancelled my membership after this poor service and company model. 

cowboykidd  avatar image
cowboykidd 🇺🇸 | 11 ratings Replied 23 Nov '22

I joined the RumRatings Club, paid $288 for a full year and have yet to get a shipment.  This was 5 or 6 months ago. They will not even respond to e-mails.  Until someone contacts me, I would advise buyer beware.  Just assume it isn't going to get delivered and be pleasantly surprised if it does.