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Letting it sit?

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Posted 12 Jan '22 from Estonia with 1 rating


I know it's not a perfect idea, but let's see:

One has bought a cheap rum or two, that one can't be happy with. Often the problem is, that it smells and tastes too ethanol/petrol/lighter fluid/etc. It doesn't go down as intended. So the 3/4 of the bottle ends up in the back of the cupboard, sometimes for years.

Maybe there are ways to let it sit so it will get better, more mellow? 10yo rum doesn't sound bad, but not with 10 years in glass bottle.

Please share the ideas!


From Canada with 35 ratings Replied 12 Jan '22

If, after a few weeks "resting" (i.e. letting it sit in the back of the cupboard) the rum hasn't improved, it likely won't improve with more time. I'd say experiment with some rum cocktails (daiquiri, Mai Tai, pina colada, etc.). When all else fails, Coca Cola hides everything. ;)


From Germany with 396 ratings Replied 12 Jan '22

I had a few rums that I could drink after 6 months. Botucal Mantuano was one of them. You can try, through evaporation rum loses unwanted flavors too. But there are also some bad examples like La Hechicera, I couldn't drink that one after a few months.

Paul B

From United States with 420 ratings Replied 12 Jan '22


It is EXTREMELY rare that any rum will improve with age or to one's own taste in the bottle and these are usually the ones that start out with my rating of 7 and get moved up.  The vast majority of what I have tried wind up getting bumped down in my ratings.

After trying more than 400 different rums, I have run across quite a few that I was sorry that I ever bought from the first sip. Those never go to the back of my cabinet, but inspire me to get those damn things out of my sight!!!  So, I have become my own master of finding ways to not have to flush rums down the toilet. This has really impoved my mixing abilities. 

For the rums that I rated 3 or less, these wound up being absolutely hopeless as mixers or to do anything else with. One can always use them for grilling. Burn those bad ones!

Skipper Joe

From United States with 7 ratings Replied 12 Jan '22

Can't say I've tried it with a truly vile rum, but you might be able to improve a sub-par rum by infusing it. The Smuggler's Cove book has a pretty solid recipe for a spiced rum infusion (vanilla bean, peppercorns, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger root, and orange peel), but you can always experiment with things like toasted coconut, pineapple, etc. Just toss what's left of the bottle in a big mason jar with whatever flavors you're trying to impart on it and let it sit for a few days to weeks, shaking and tasting every now and again. Once deemed serviceable, you can strain out the solids and re-bottle for use later.

Your local bar supply store (or Amazon) should have mini barrel casks you could use to age a spirit at home too, if you'd prefer to impart oaken notes. Good luck!

Mr. Rumantic

From Germany with 162 ratings Replied 13 Jan '22

Pour activated carbon into the bottle with the inferior rum and let it sit for a week or two. Boil the remaining water alcohol mixture and use the clean water to make some nice hot tea. 🤣🤣🤣



kudzey (PREMIUM)

From Poland with 38 ratings Replied 14 Jan '22

Skipper Joe is right, try making your own spiced rum! Just add vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, lime peel (without the white parts), almonds, ginger, dried fruit wedges or whatever feels right for you. Let it sit for a day or two. If it becomes too bitter, add pure molasses or some simple syrup just like many spiced rum companies do. Be careful not to infuse it for too long, the bitterness will become overwhelming. 

If all else fails, don't rely on coke itself. Use coke and limes to make yourself a Cuba Libre!


From Estonia with 1 rating Replied 14 Jan '22

Hey, good ideas! Probably infusing it with fruits and alike, is the key.

If anyone know, and has tested, an incredient that will take raw ethanol feeling away, then please write up!

kudzey (PREMIUM)

From Poland with 38 ratings Replied 15 Jan '22

I think pretty any infusion will do. In Poland they make infusion with a 96% spirit and fruits (i e. cherries) and the ethanol is pretty much absent in the final product's taste. The technique is a bit different but the idea is similar.


From United Kingdom with 116 ratings Replied 22 Jan '22

It would be a fun experiment if we all added our bad rum to an actual barrel, sealed it up, and gave it a try 5-10 years later :)

kudzey (PREMIUM)

From Poland with 38 ratings Replied 22 Jan '22

If heavily sugared, it might become even thicker and too syrupy. However, it might actually help a little with the rums with a dominant ethanol flavor. On the other hand, it is said that distillation has greater impact on rum than maturation.

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