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How good are your mixing skills?

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Rene Rum (PREMIUM) 🇨🇭 | 509 ratings Posted 5 Dec '21

Hi Paul, why so angry against single-cask drinkers ? ;-)

I also prefer single-cask rum, but am not averse to mixing. 

For Tiki drinks (punch) I found a rum book something that very likely every bartender knows:

-One of sour

-Two of sweet

-Three of strong

-Four of week

-Five drops of bitters and nutmeg spice

-Serve well chilled wit lots of ice.

Now my mixtures are not that complex, although there have been times when I mixed more and more sophisticated.

In the summer I like to drink a Ti Punch with Neisson, Clement or Trois Riviere Rhum, it may also be a Dark'n'Stormy original with Gosling's. Cuba Libre with Plantation OFTD is great.Also a fruit punch may be times simply with juice from the tetrapack with half water, much ice and a good shot of white Overproof Jamaica Rum, Rum Fire, Rum Bar or W&N.  Ah yes, the Jamaicans also go well with root beer, which I tried last summer (didn't have summer this year unfortunately).

In winter I like hot drinks like tea and rum, Twinings Apple Cinnamon with Bristol Black Rum or hot apple juice with Kraken Rum, by the way a great alternative to mulled wine.