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How good are your mixing skills?

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Paul B 🇺🇸 | 452 ratings Author Posted 4 Dec '21

I often find myself with unique mixers after making authentic Tiki Drinks. In this case, it was the Zombie that started the whole Tiki craze in the mid thirties. Thankfully, our taste buds have evolved from this terrible drink that started it all. I credit Beach Bum Berry for digging up the original recipe after so many years!!!

For those who only like to sip on their very expensive single cask rums neat, I am really surprised that you are still reading. This thread is not meant for folks like you, but maybe you can learn something here.

After my Zombie experiment, I was stuck with bottles of white grapefruit juice and Velvet Falernum from Barbados, which I never buy. What on earth was I going to do with these? So my wheels got turning upstairs. Find my lowest ranked acceptable mixer (Don Q Anejo that is no longer made), combine this with my ingredients that I no longer want, add staples like lime juice and Angostura Bitters, add over lots of ice, and test. Voila! But add more Falernum.

So how are your mixing skills and what credit do you give to the original Tiki recipes? And do you still measure everything to the nearest quarter of an ounce or can you now just eyeball it?

By the way, Caribbean rum drinks are sweet and Tiki rum drinks from the Pacific are sour. Plain and simple!


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Rene Rum (PREMIUM) 🇨🇭 | 509 ratings Replied 5 Dec '21

Hi Paul, why so angry against single-cask drinkers ? ;-)

I also prefer single-cask rum, but am not averse to mixing. 

For Tiki drinks (punch) I found a rum book something that very likely every bartender knows:

-One of sour

-Two of sweet

-Three of strong

-Four of week

-Five drops of bitters and nutmeg spice

-Serve well chilled wit lots of ice.

Now my mixtures are not that complex, although there have been times when I mixed more and more sophisticated.

In the summer I like to drink a Ti Punch with Neisson, Clement or Trois Riviere Rhum, it may also be a Dark'n'Stormy original with Gosling's. Cuba Libre with Plantation OFTD is great.Also a fruit punch may be times simply with juice from the tetrapack with half water, much ice and a good shot of white Overproof Jamaica Rum, Rum Fire, Rum Bar or W&N.  Ah yes, the Jamaicans also go well with root beer, which I tried last summer (didn't have summer this year unfortunately).

In winter I like hot drinks like tea and rum, Twinings Apple Cinnamon with Bristol Black Rum or hot apple juice with Kraken Rum, by the way a great alternative to mulled wine.