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Papa's Pilar has now entered the premium market

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Paul B 🇺🇸 | 452 ratings Author Posted 29 Nov '21

When Papa's Pilar rums were first introduced, both got bad reviews from me. I also recommended that they get a new master blender. Well, they either got a new master blender or the first one has learned his or her lesson. This latest release is a good one, albeit for $100 US!

The problem with craft rums in the USA is that each company feels compelled to come up with something different from what has worked well for hundreds of years in the Caribbean. So most venture off of the safe path and more often than not, they fail. In this case, they succeeded.

They only mention the amontillado sherry casking on their website and not the bottle. Their big selling point for this one is the rye whiskey cask finishing. However, the amontillado luckily wins. This one is not as good as their Marquesas Blend, but is awfully darn close.

And for those into the aroma, I have never had a rum giving off it's aroma like this one up until the very last driop. Amontiladdo and Rye whiskey? Who knows!