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From Poland with 17 ratings Replied 19 Feb '21



From Sweden with 1 rating Replied 21 Feb '21

Foursquare are amazing if you Ask me! However they tend to focus on limited releases. So if you really like one, chances are you won’t be able to buy it again.

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From United States with 41 ratings Replied 23 Feb '21

Yes it is. But most foursquare rums have a heavy bourbon influence. If you like that, you will like it. My personal favorites are:
1. Foursquare Zinfandel Cask
2. Foursquare 2008
3. Doorly's 14 year
4. Doorly's 12 year 43% ABV

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From Greece with 30 ratings Replied 23 Feb '21

Foursquare is high quality. They are pro-purism in rum making, meaning they axe additives completely, especially sugar and their products are unadulterated. All of their rums are great, but they need to grow on you and they aren't for the beginner; or to be precise, the beginner has to realize exactly what they get themselves into. They co-produce Doorly's, which is an outstanding range and it boasts being the very first rum exported from Barbados, ever. I was simply amazed by Doorly's 14 and their XO, could easily become my daily, readily accessible, easily affordable, quality budget-sipper! Most people here reserve a special spot for that distillery and are quite experienced regarding their releases, so just read their comments and then, check up on ratings/reviews. Foursquare is one of the top players in the rum game (and the ones responsible for setting the bar of good practices and high quality standards up, much)!



From Sweden with 43 ratings Replied 28 Feb '21

I´ve killed a Foursquare 2005 - one of my favourites (so far), also started on a Doorley´s 14 - it wont last long...



From Germany with 293 ratings Replied 1 Mar '21

Detente is good, this is my current Foursquare.
Doorlys 14 is also one of my favourites, it's a very balanced blend and always available.
Don't miss Sassafras, could become an expensive bottle.


Immiketoo (PREMIUM)

From Greece with 48 ratings Replied 3 Mar '21

By far my favorite distillery. There is a crispness to these bottles that allows each flavor to stand alone while also blending perfectly with the others.

As mentioned before, the ECS bottlings are not for the beginner, unless that beginner has experience with high ABV expressions.

They are a test of your fortitude, but once you get used to them, 40% bottles leave you a bit flat.

My current favorite is also Detente, as it’s amazingly drinkable and delicious. But the other bottles are all good. The 200X series seems to be more dry and less complex than their multi cask finishes but many people love them.

Foursquare also distillate for many other brands, and one of my favorites is The Real McCoy. Great value and great flavors, so you can certainly find a bottle that works for you. The RL Seale’s 10 year is a great place to start as well.

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