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Multiple wrong bottles listed in Foursquare rums

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Jimmy Cliff (PREMIUM)

Posted 19 Nov '20 from United States with 204 ratings

I think this happens with new added rums by members. Specifically Sagacity was originally listed as 2005 with a picture of 2005 which is a separate rum. Now there are three rums listed there 2005, Sagacity 2005, and Sagacity. Sagacity is actually a 2007 rum. I caught this when I originally rated them and noted it. Now your site thinks I rated Sagacity twice which I didn’t. Anyway trying to get this straight if anyone even cares.


Stefan Persson (PREMIUM)

From Sweden with 164 ratings Replied 20 Nov '20

Yes it's really messy when it comes to Foursquare.
The image of "Port Cask Finish" is used twice, one is called "Port Cask Finish" and one is called "Port Cask Finish 9-year".
The image of 2005 is used 3 times and is called "2005 12-year", "2005 Sagacity 12-year" and "2005 Barbados 12-year".
The image of 2004 is used twice and is called "2004" and "2004 Bourbon Cask Strength 11-year".
I have not read through all the reviews so I do not currently know if there are double or triple reviews. Know, however, that it is set in system by some members.
I have helped Andy fix two brands, Dillon and Montebello, with similar problems.
I would suggest that we who have time take some of our favorite brands and list the problems and send it to Andy.

Large 0


From United Kingdom with 146 ratings Replied 20 Nov '20

Ah yes, the never-ending battle to keep the Rumbase updated :) There's now even an 'Are you sure the rum isn't already here' area in the new rum add screen, but still I'd guess 1/3 of new rums already exist.

I've gone in and cleaned up the duplicates I found for Foursquare. It's a little more difficult right now as a few bottle images aren't displaying correctly (a CDN issue we've been working on), but I think we're in much better shape now.



From Germany with 239 ratings Replied 20 Nov '20

Can we render and add pictures of new bottles?
Because I have many bottles without a picture in my cabinet.

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