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Rum tasting

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Posted 11 Nov '20 from Canada with 77 ratings

Trying to do a rum tasting but need help with food pairing anyone know how I can find out



From Poland with 11 ratings Replied 11 Nov '20

I usually serve snacks that have the same taste as the rum i drink, like dark chocolate, dried tropical fruits, rasins, almonds, roasted coffee beans. It helps to overload ine taste and allows to focus on others to discover the complexity of the rum. For instance I serve coffee and chocolate for Dictador rums.



From Greece with 23 ratings Replied 11 Nov '20

Most people recommend tasting a rum without other stuff in the picture, at least the first time you want to examine it. Like few hours after you last ate, with as neutral a taste as possible. Pairing it with something else, usually comes after you have examined it thoroughly, or something. There are other choices too, like a rum + cigar pairing, rum + chocolate (bitter, mostly), rum coming as a kind of dessert right after you finished your meal (i had my favorite rum post enjoying a roast sword-fish fillet), even ice cream, for sweeter rums, in some cases work!

I am curious myself to hear suggestions, but specific ones, like what type of rum (sweet, dry, pure, agricole) goes well with what, as a pair... Excellent topic! Am watching intently and keeping notes for myself, too.

P.S. I also enjoyed my coffee with rum together... Cold espresso without sugar and a small serving of mount gay, actually hit a right spot for me. Or neat cold-brew coffee, without anything mixed in, was nice to enjoy with an El Dorado 15. People in Cuba are said to take coffee with rum at the evenings, i do that too.



From Spain with 13 ratings Replied 13 Nov '20

The aromas evoke sandalwood, raisins, grapefruit, and salted almonds. On the palate, the rum maintains a balance between sweetness and acidity. Sipping this rum is like having your taste buds run with an elephant on a walk in a vineyard. It’s full bodied and perfect on the rocks.


Rene Rum

From Switzerland with 367 ratings Replied 14 Nov '20

In addition, I recommend salted banana chips for all Caribbean rums and unsalted roasted peanuts for matured Jamaica rums.
As kudzey and Pirate mentioned is chocolate perfect for rum, I love the high % cacao ones, and truly great with Dictador Rum. Goes also well with a grilled steak, I mean both, chocolate and Dictador.

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