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Advanced rating ideas

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Posted 15 Oct '20 from Poland with 10 ratings

I often find that the numeric ratings don't provide enough information, especially when the author has few ratings and the text says "it was great/awful". It is never clear for me if the numeric rating concerns the quality of the rum or it's relation to price.

I noticed that some of the more advanced raters here give separate numeric value for bottle design, aroma, quality-to-price ratio etc. I think it would be a great idea to have one scheme which asks for separate ratings for each of the traits (filling these doesn't have to be obligatory). It would also be a suggestion helping to focus on certain aspects of rum. Definitely there should also be a question how sweet the rum is. It would be useful to include sugar content in the description of the rums.

Maybe it is not a bad idea to allow people to select flavours and aromas from lists (I think it exists in vivino app for wine ratings).


Stefan Persson (PREMIUM)

From Sweden with 163 ratings Replied 16 Oct '20

I think it’s nice and interesting when someone adds sugar content or writing down if they think it’s good value for money or what they think about the bottle for example.
But I don’t think that that should affect the rating.
I only let the taste, when I sip neatly, affect my rating.



From Germany with 216 ratings Replied 16 Oct '20

I think you are looking for an app like

Yes there are many ratings that are not very detailed or refined. But I still prefer to write down my impressions instead of choosing the flavors from a list. And I can use my own criterias to describe a rum.

Maybe there should be something like a template to help people to describe a rum.
I wish I would have something like a flavor map for each distillery to define what I can expect from a certain rum. But this would be a very long project to create something like this.

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