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A rum tasting glass that is truly incredible!

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Posted 25 Sep '20 from United States with 337 ratings

My beloved brandy snifter that I used for tasting rums broke after 10 years and I was completely sober when it happened. So I went searching online for a replacement snifter, but found none nearby.

I had to stock up on old favorite rums from Total Wine and checked out their spirits glasses. I found this Rum Taster glass from Final Touch. It is definitely nothing like I have ever seen before and I had my serious doubts. Out of desperation, I paid the $13 for it. It is shaped more or less like an hour glass. When pouring 3 ounces of rum into it, about 7 square inches of rum protrude above the "glass rock" in the middle. This is designed so that one can rapidly swirl the rum around to make any acetone vapors get the hell out of there and release the good aromas while keeping them in the glass. A very gentle tipping motion will only allow very small amounts of rum to be sipped. Instead of holding it from the base like a brandy snifter, one has to hold it from the smallest diameter section above the rum. This keeps one's hand from warming it up. Don't laugh, it works! This has to be the best rum tasting glass that I have found. It can also help one to judge good rums from very bad rums. No telling what would happen with a Captain Morgan in it. I am also wondering if it could reduce the breathing time of Cartavio 12 Solera down from 30 minutes. I first tested this new glass with a sample from a $100 bottle of rum.

Since I cannot include a picture of it in the Discussions, check my recent review for El Dorado Special Reserve Madeira Sweet Cask 15-Year to see that enclosed picture.



From Germany with 216 ratings Replied 25 Sep '20

I think it's the best to use different glasses for different rums.
I prefer a glencairn glas for shy rums, some users use also a lid. The nose is near to the liquid to get the shy flavors.

For intensive and natural rums in cask strength I use a whisky sniffer. The nose is far away from the liquid.

For sweet and cheap rums I use a tumbler or a botucal glass. The bottom is wide, the alcohol reduces faster.


Rene Rum

From Switzerland with 361 ratings Replied 25 Sep '20

Wow, Paul B, a very fancy glass you found, looks nice, handy and sexy!
I use usually the "Zacapa" glass or the typical glencairn tasting glass.
And yes, to hold it in one hand to keep the rum warm and tasty.



From United States with 24 ratings Replied 25 Sep '20

I picked a couple of these up last year and don't like them. For one, the (for lack of a better term) neck is way too long. Takes forever for the spirit to travel from the base to the lip of the glass. It's just a tad over 5 inches from base to lip. They also seem to really dampen any lower proofed rums (those in the 80-86 proof range) because of all the space.

I still prefer Glencairns for anything 80-86 and Canadian Glencairns for anything over that.


Falcon91Wolvrn03 (PREMIUM)

From United States with 440 ratings Replied 26 Sep '20

The rum tasting glass from Total Wines sounds very interesting, but I can also see the issues DFT.TX mentioned, as it seems a bit large. My personal favorite glass thus far is the simple Stolzle "Weinland Whisky small" (I prefer the "small" to the regular size).



From United States with 337 ratings Replied 26 Sep '20

This is not a very popular item. I bought the last one on the shelf and the next nearest one is 1900 miles to the west in Sacramento. When comparing two rums, nothing beats those old Glencairn glasses.

It can handle 11 ounces, but I would not dare put ice cubes in it. It is strictly for tasting new rums or enjoying old favorites neat.

Well, I just found out one of it's bad features this evening. Because of the way that vapors are released, don't even think of enjoying a glass in the last few hours of the day in one's back yard. Yup! It attracts hornets more so than any other glass! When that happens, just leave the glass sitting wherever and get the hell out of there. The hornet may wind up drowning in the rum that attracted it there in the first place, which serves it right.



From United States with 337 ratings Replied 6 Oct '20

Well, the ultimate test for this glass was done this afternoon. Can it reduce breathing time for Cartavio 12 Solera from 30 minutes? This glass got it down to 20 minutes, but this is still not enough to warrant anyone going out of their way to get this glass. Sorry, but this is just one more gimmick! However, if pouring some rum neat into this glass and then falling asleep afterwards, the rum will still be in great shape when you wake up.

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