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We all rate rums here but which ones do we rebuy?

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Posted 12 Sep '20 from Netherlands with 54 ratings

When I review rums I (try to) do not take the price into account (too much). But when I rebuy my rums price becomes a factor too. And I don't just drink the most sophisticated rums either; most nights I prefer a less complex, friendly glass of sugarcane nectar. I kept track of all my purchases since I got here at RumRatings in march 2020 and came to this list of rebuys:

1. Mulata Gran Reserva (7yo), rated 7: 11 bottles

2. Elements Eight Vendôme, rated 9: 6 bottles
- SLD Chairman's Reserve, rated 8: 6 bottles

4. Ultimatum Selected Rum, rated 9: 5 bottles

5. Mulata Reserva (5yo), rated 7: 4 bottles

6. Appleton Estate Rare Blend (12yo): 2 bottles (no rating yet)
-Ultimatum Infinitum (12yo), rated 7: 2 bottles
-Mates Gold Rum, rated 8: 2 bottles

There are a few rums of which I bought a bottle after tasting a sample and there are a few that I will certainly rebuy as well but these are all my rebuys sofar. Most are still unopened and in stock, especially the ones that are sort of limited (Ultimatum Selected Rum and Elements Eight Vendôme), but in volume the simple and affordable Mulata's are the clear winner here despite the fact I just rated them a 7. After both Mulata's (they are very close in both taste and price (sub €15); the 7yo is just a tad richer in taste) and when I want a little more character Chairman's Reserve is my runner up go-to rum.

Anybody else has his (her) guilty pleasure rum too? By the way, the Mulata 5yo is the spirit that brought me back to rums in the first place so that one deserves a little altar for sure and I am glad I still like it.



From Germany with 208 ratings Replied 12 Sep '20

I rebuy rums with a rating of at least 8.
My consumption is very slow, I prefer a wide selection of rums instead of a few bottles that I drink quickly. The most bottles with a 10-9 rating are still open and on my shelf.
I always have several bottles of rum that I love. Most of them are no longer available.
My most consumed rum is ELD15. I've had a few evenings when I just couldn't stop drinking it.
I terms of value, I like especially the Smith&Cross. I still have two bottles in stock.
I also always have opened bottles of Caroni, Hampden, Demerara, Worthy Park, Fiji and Zacapa rum. When they get empty, I always open a new one.


Immiketoo (PREMIUM)

From Greece with 37 ratings Replied 13 Sep '20

An excellent question. So far the ones I drink the most are:

The Real McCoy 14 Madeira cask Limited edition 5 bottles

Plantation XO 20 6 bottles (guilty pleasure)

Appleton estate 21 3 bottles

Foursquare 2007 3 bottles

Foursquare Sagacity 3 bottles

Foursquare Empery 3 bottles

Diplomatico Ambassador 2 bottles

RL Seale’s 10 year 2 bottles

Opthimus 25 2 bottles

Many of these will be more as I refine my likes and dislikes, and I have more time in the game. I can’t buy ALL the rum!


martin jeppesen

From Denmark with 239 ratings Replied 13 Sep '20

Great topic Harrie, as rebuy's are perhaps even more inspirational to a lot of people, than general ratings
This is a list from the top of my head. My primary factor is perceived price/quality ratio.

- smith n' cross (naturally:-)
- Admiral Rodney extra old/royal oak
- Mount Gay XO/tripple cask
- Rum sixty six
- Doorly's 12 years
- St. James 12/15 years
- longueteau 50 blanc
- longueteau VS.
- Apppelton 21 years
- Hampden estate 7 years, 46%
- Brugal 1888

Have had a few rebuys of limited bottlelings as well
- Velier caroni 15 years
- Foursquare zinfandel
- Velier royal navy tiger shark
- CDI Panama 11 years 60%


Stefan Persson (PREMIUM)

From Sweden with 163 ratings Replied 13 Sep '20

Hello guys!
I would like to rebuy almost every rum in my cabinet that I call “My Private Rumbar” (around 125 different bottles) with a few exceptions of some lower rated thats just not finished yet.
I always try to buy me a new bottle when I open my last bottle if it meets my criteria for rebuy. But unfortunately it isn’t possible cause many of them aren’t produced anymore and if I find them they are far too expensive (for example Diplomatico 2000) and if it’s my last bottle and I really want to have it in my rumbar it will take a lot to open it (for example English Harbour Extra Old), a very special occasion will be required for this to happen.

Criteria for defending a place in my rumbar is:
1) My rating, normally at least 7. But I have another scale for white/mixer rum.
2) Value for money.
3) Availability.
4) My wish to have a more or less complete brand shelf (for example: English Harbour).
5) My wish to have at least one bottle from each distillery at an island (for example Guadeloupe).

So from my top five shelf by moment (rating 10) is it only the Zafra 30 (1 1/2 bottle) thats quite easy to find. The El Dorado 25 (1/2 bottle) is to expensive and the other three, English Harbour 1981 (6 bottles), Appleton Joy (3 1/2 bottles) and Clement XO with the rare blend (1 1/2 bottle) is getting harder and harder to find and if they shows up on an auction they become too expensive.



From Germany with 208 ratings Replied 13 Sep '20

Great rumbar. What is your reason to avoid independent bottlers?


Charles M

From United Kingdom with 132 ratings Replied 13 Sep '20

My everyday rums (which unsurprisingly I tend buy more than others)

Doorly's 5yo, Bermudez 1852 Anniversario 12yo, Sunset Captain Bligh XO

Have an account with the importer of Foursquare and Mezan so tend to buy most of their ranges. Luckily I like them!!


Stefan Persson (PREMIUM)

From Sweden with 163 ratings Replied 14 Sep '20

Thank you! I’m quite pleased with my rumbar, even though I still miss a few bottles.
About independent bottlers is my aversion based on the fact that I do not want a lot of identical bottles in the bar.
I mean if I for example replace my bottles from Worthy Park, Hampden and Monymusk with bottles from Verlier it will make my bar less interesting to look at both for me and my guests.
Right now I just have one such bottle, Verliers English Harbour which is very special.
I know that especially Velier bottles very special rum, but not all of the independent bottlers are. I tasted La Maison du Rhum’s T&T and it tasted just like the 1787.
I’m open to expanding the bar with a few more bottles from Independent bottlers. Right now i'm looking for some suitable Caroni.
I am grateful for tips on others that are really special, without costing a fortune, and that are not bottled by the distillery itself.



From United States with 337 ratings Replied 14 Sep '20

Here are all of my repurchase rums, easily obtained from my spreadsheet. They are all ranked from best to lowest with the last three rated as a 6.

Dictador XO Insolent
Dictador 20
Dictador 12
Plantation XO 20th Anniversary
Santa Teresa 1796
Vizcaya VXOP 21
Plantation OFTD 138 Proof
Don Q Single Barrel 2005
Pusser's Gunpowder Proof
Plantation Guatemala
Ron Alegro XO
Matusalem Gran Reserva 18
Admiral Rodney HMS Princessa
El Dorado 8
Kirk & Sweeney 18
Admiral Rodney HMS Formidable
Barbancourt Estate Reserve 15
Bacardi Gran Reserva Diez
Rhum J M VO
Appleton Reserve Blend 8 year
896 8 Year
Doorly's XO
Selvarey White
Cana Brava 3 Year Old
Flor de Cana 12
Pampero Aniversario
Plantation Artisinal 3-Stars
Plantation Original Dark Double Aged
Vizcaya Cristal
Doorly's White
Alleyne Arthurs Special Barbados Rum
Avua Cachaca Amburana
Don Q 151
Flor de Cana 5 Anejo
Don Q Anejo



From United States with 29 ratings Replied 14 Sep '20

I keep my rumbar stocked primarily with Bajan rums. Foursquare is my favorite distillery so I generally try to keep their white, 5yr, 8yr, and RL Seales 10 year in stock. Each has its own use, from specific cocktails to sipping on the rocks. I also have stocked up a few bottles of their 2008 select cask for special occasions. I also generally have rotating stock from Mount Gay (usually their XO) and Plantation (Kaniche XO or 20th) to switch it up. When I'm looking for a funkier rum for something like daiquiris, I'll reach for Plantation 3 star or Merchant's Reserve for mai tais.



From Switzerland with 112 ratings Replied 17 Sep '20

My rebuys are:
Centenario 20 and Centenario 25,
Plantation XO 20th Anniversary,
Dictador 12 ...
I would also rebuy
Opthimus 15 and Malteco 15

I rate all of them between 8 and 9,8. (Still looking for the one who deserves a 10)

My profile also features a Whishlist of already tasted, affordable and easy to find Rums: that‘s what I tell people when they wonder what I whish for Christmas 🎁 ...besides the regular whishlist, which contains some hard-to-get-stuff 😉



From Germany with 208 ratings Replied 17 Sep '20

This is a good Caroni for a good price if you like dirty Caronis.

1996 Caronis are the best that are still available, they are more balanced and more fruity.


Jagsroy (PREMIUM)

From Canada with 157 ratings Replied 18 Sep '20

Great topic indeed

My rebuys (unopened bottles) are as follow:

- Mount Gay Master Select (3 bottles)
- Mount Gay XO (7 bottles)
- St.Nicholas Abbey 12 year (3 bottles)
- Longueteau XO (2 bottles)
- Longueteau VS (3 bottles)
- The Real McCoy 12 year (5 bottles)
- The Real McCoy 5 year (7 bottles)
- R.L. Seale 10 year (1 bottle)
- Havana Club Seleccion de Maestro (5 bottles)
- J.D. Shore 5 year (6 bottles)
- Admiral Rodney XO (4 bottles)
- Coloma 15 year (1 bottle)
- Santa Teresa 1796 (3 bottles)
- Flor de Cana 18 (5 bottles)
- Barbancourt 5 stars 8 year (6 bottles)
- Cruzan Single barrel (4 bottles)
- Appleton 15 year (5 bottles)
- Appleton 8 year (4 bottles)
- Appleton Rare Blend 12 year (4 bottles)
- Brugal Siglio de Oro (1 bottle)
- Juan Santos 21 year (1 bottle)
- La He hicera (3 bottles)
- Don Q Gran Anejo (4 bottles)



From Canada with 77 ratings Replied 20 Sep '20

My shopping list:
Abuelo 12
Appleton 8,12
Autentico Nativo 15,20
Dictador 12,20
El Dorado 8,15
Havana Club 7
Kirk and Sweeney 23
Matusalem 23
Mount Gay XO (still available in Ontario)
Navy Pussers
Real McCoy 12

Missing list:
Smith and Cross
Santiago de Cuba 11,12



From Sweden with 9 ratings Replied 24 Sep '20

Great thread to find new goodies to try out!

My rebuys for the moment is
Eldorado 15, amazing for just 30$ here.
Origenes Reserva Especial 18-Year.

These two rums i never tend to get tierd of!



From Germany with 208 ratings Replied 24 Sep '20

I searched for some time for Origenes Reserva Especial 18, but could't find it.


Docsarvis (PREMIUM)

From United States with 145 ratings Replied 26 Sep '20

This is a GREAT discussion. I have repurchased a few rums and hope to always have the following in my cabinet:
Malecon rare cask 18 year and 1996 rare proof 20 year
Abuelo 12 two oaks. Limited release and hard to find, so on my second purchase I bought 6
Privateer The Queens Share and distiller’s drawer #80
Kirk & Sweeney 23
Worthy Park sherry cask and 2006 single estate 12 year
Chairmen’s Reserve 1931 and master selection reserve Martin Cate
Pussers Navy
Plantation Trinidad 2006 Kilchoman pleated cask
La Mauny VSOP

Thanks to all for your contributions. So many more great rums to try!


Rum Funk

From Singapore with 6 ratings Replied 26 Sep '20

My rebuy is Saint James Rhum Agricole 40, looking for 45 is not easy.


Falcon91Wolvrn03 (PREMIUM)

From United States with 440 ratings Replied 26 Sep '20

Taster said: "My rebuys are: Centenario 20 and Centenario 25, Plantation XO 20th Anniversary
(Still looking for the one who deserves a 10)"

Interestingly, those are my top rebuys as well (along with the Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva).

Since we may possibly have similar tastes (my rum cabinet is sorted in order from my favorite to least favorite), you may want to look at my top rums for ideas in finding a perfect "10".



From Switzerland with 112 ratings Replied 26 Sep '20

@Falcon91Wolvrn03: Thanks for the hint - I just added some rums to my bucket list 🙂


Falcon91Wolvrn03 (PREMIUM)

From United States with 440 ratings Replied 26 Sep '20

@Taster: You're welcome. Since I think we may have similar tastes, you've now got me interested in the Malteco 15 (I already gave the Malteco 1987 a perfect '10'). :-)


Rene Rum

From Switzerland with 361 ratings Replied 26 Sep '20

I think: life is too short to drink bad rum and the same rum again. There are so many different rums out there. So, I buy never the same rum twice.
But I buy different bottlings from Indy. bottlers from the same distillery like Caroni, Worthy Park, Long Pond, Diamond, Four Square, Savanna...
Of course, I have some "house" rums
- Plantation O.F.T.D. for Cuba Libre
- Gosling's Black Seal and Black Seal 151 for Dark 'n' Stormy
- Kraken or Bristol Black with hot apple juice around x-mas (a nice alternative to mulled wine)

@Stefan Persson
Try to find some Caroni bottled by Berry's, Bristol or Rum Nation they are payable und really nice but Velier are the best ! Buy any Caroni you see and you can afford.


Stefan Persson (PREMIUM)

From Sweden with 163 ratings Replied 28 Sep '20

I’ve just made an rebuy order of St Nicholas Abbey 12yo and Bielle 40th Anniversary, as both in principle seem to be sold out in Europe but luckily there were still some copies left with the Swedish importer.
Lucky me, cause both are incredible good.

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