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House Blends

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Posted 29 Jul '20 from United States with 24 ratings

We've had some mild success blending bourbons for something with a little more tailored profile. Was reminded of how interesting blends can get when making our aged egg nog. We let 1 part Wild Turkey 101, 1 part Paul Mason VSOP, 1/2 part Hamilton 86 and 1/2 part Hamilton 151 marry for about 3 weeks. After having a dram before putting it in the egg nog mix I was really surprised at how sippable it was. Would've been FANTASTIC with a cigar.

Trying to find some ideas through web searches but haven't come up with much other than what Dead Rabbit and Black Tail blend. For their 'Cuban style' they use 4 parts Cana Brava, 3 parts Plantation 3 Star, 2 parts Barbancourt White and 1 part El Dorado 3 year. They have a funkier blend that uses 2 parts Banks 7, 1 part Cruzan Black Strap and 1 part S&C. Anyone ever do or try something similar?

I've been really digging Cadenhead's Classic of late and would like to try a Barbados/Jamaica/Guyana/Panama blend. Also would like to reconstruct something like a Denizen MR for mai tai's.

Anyone have any resources or had any luck with rum 'frankenblends'?

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From Germany with 166 ratings Replied 5 Aug '20

Nope. I think these are great secrets of masterblenders.
I tried sometimes to improve some blends or to mix something that is similar to popular rums on the market. Like Zacapas or Plantation XO.

CDI West Indies 8y is a blend of DomRep, Guyana, Jamaica, Barbados rums.
This is the only one that I know. I think you get a classic navy style rum, if you blend Barbados/Jamaica/Guyana/Panama rums. You can also take the Plantation OFTD and add some Panama rum.

When I do an experiment, I want to keep the distillery character. That's why I rarely mix rum from different distilleries.
If you have the results, I would be excited to know about them.

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From United States with 47 ratings Replied 6 Aug '20

Someone on the r/rum subReddit brought up an interesting idea for an “Infiniti Bottle”. His idea was this: when one any of your good rums gets down to 100ml pour it into the “Infiniti bottle”. Periodically use the Infiniti bottle so that the character of the mix in it is constantly evolving. That may not be what you were asking about...but I think it is a fascinating experiment to mess around with. I just started mine with 100ml of Doorly’s 12. El Dorado 15 will probably be the next to be mixed in.

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From United States with 24 ratings Replied 7 Aug '20

I saw that. After all the Black Tot Day stuff I had thought about blending 21 rums together and calling it 21 Gun Salute. One guy there had mixed 62 together. Sure that was.... interesting.