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How much to pour?

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Posted 11 Jul '20 from Greece with 14 ratings

In order to have the DEFAULT serving of rum? In ml or any other easily measurable parameter? The one they hand over to you from commercial spots, without mixing or adding anything, not even ice cubes? It is an extremely long time, since i last happened at a bar/cafe/hotel and in the latter, i never ordered drinks anyway. Can somebody please accurately describe, so i can faithfully replicate that, at the comfort of my homemade set-up?

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From Netherlands with 49 ratings Replied 11 Jul '20

The standard (legal) quantity in the Netherlands for when you order a distillate at a bar is 35cc but that quantity is different from country to country. In Russia it is (or was; I last visited in 2000) 100cc unless you ordered a small one: 50cc. That might be a bit steep though. At home I pour my rums at 25-30cc per serving.

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Immiketoo (PREMIUM)

From Greece with 33 ratings Replied 11 Jul '20

Here in Greece, 50-60 ml is considered standard. At home, I pour a little more to enjoy the flavors longer.

At the bar, I may order a double unless I want to sample multiple rums.

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From United States with 23 ratings Replied 14 Jul '20

Standard pour here in the US is generally considered 1.5 ounces, or just about 45 ml.

If we're going to drink different brands or types over the course of time we'll pour 1 ounce, or around 30 ml, pours.

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From Germany with 162 ratings Replied 14 Jul '20

I think 3cl is perfect. That's not too much and my brain is still online.
If the bottle is very expensive > 200€, I take 2cl.

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From Czech Republic with 30 ratings Replied 22 Jul '20

I second 3cl, I can sip it for an hour while doing something (programming, editing a text).

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From United States with 45 ratings Replied 31 Jul '20

I always pour 1.5oz or 45ml over ball of ice. Rarely more and rarely less. I find that to be the perfect amount and ratio with the ice melt to open up the flavors. But that’s just how I do it.

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From Norway with 6 ratings Replied 3 Aug '20

In Norway it is illegal for bars/restaurants to serve spirits in other measures than 2 or 4 cl. Exeption is in coctails/drinks.
I prefer 2.§4-5

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