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So disappointed

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Immiketoo (PREMIUM)

Posted 8 Jul '20 from Greece with 33 ratings

Since I started this amazing journey, I have had the opportunity to try some amazing rums.

My list so far includes:
Don Papa
Don Papa 10 year
Pyrat XO
Mount Gay XO
Zacapa XO
RL Seales
Diplomatico Ambassador
Dictador Insolent
Appleton estate 21
Plantation 20 year anniversary
Opthimus 15
Havana Club Añejo

The last three are terrible in my opinion, and recently I’ve had the opportunity to be out at a few bars for drinks. Here on the island, only a few bars cater to us rum guys, and I didn’t go to any of them since our guest likes beach bars.

I like them too, but I just wish they’d stock one good rum, not just mixer quality stuff that shouldn’t/can’t be sipped.

Last night, I had to resort to bourbon, due to lack of any decent rum option. In comparison, I think I only thought I ever liked bourbon. It’s so one dimensional compared to rum.

I am thankful for the amazing rums I have, but it’s ruined me for other spirits!

I know, first world problems :)

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Easy E

From Singapore with 1 rating Replied 8 Jul '20

What a great journey, thank you for sharing sir.

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From Germany with 162 ratings Replied 9 Jul '20

Bumbu and Malibu are spirits, I think they are for mixing.
Try Malibu with coconut water on ice.

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Immiketoo (PREMIUM)

From Greece with 33 ratings Replied 9 Jul '20

Vomi, good to know! Definitely not rum!

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From United Kingdom with 68 ratings Replied 10 Jul '20

Bumbu can be enjoyed straight but it is very sweet, I would say it's a dessert rum, throw a shot in with your milkshake or ice-cream!

My baseline for rum personally is Havana club 7, or black seal, but if you wanna jump down the spiced rums, the king there is ableforths rumbullion.

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Immiketoo (PREMIUM)

From Greece with 33 ratings Replied 11 Jul '20

Spiced rums are on my list, but not yet. That’s a whole different ball game.

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