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Rank rums by sweetness

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Posted 7 Jul '20 from United States with 7 ratings

Can someone please rank rums sweetest to least sweet? Paul B I know you have spreadsheets...

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From United States with 326 ratings Replied 7 Jul '20

Ian H:

Thanks for the request! Only a few other reviewers here print the added sugar content of rums. I have come to the conclusion of rating 0-9 gpl of added sugar as being dry, but the purists would complain about this for not being totally zero. For rums with 10-19 gpl of added sugar, these are considered by me to be semi-dry. From 20-29 gpl of added sugar, these are indeed sweet (like Plantation XO). The sugar bombs like DRE and ED12 have 30-49 gpl of added sugar. Any "rum" having more than 49 gpl of added sugar is considered to be flavored with Malibu Coconut being the worst offender at 100 gpl of added sugar.

So where do I get my added sugar values from? Good old reliable Captain Jimbo's Rum Project and here is the link!

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From Netherlands with 49 ratings Replied 7 Jul '20 has its own list too;

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