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Rum in KY

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Posted 2 Jul '20 from United States with 7 ratings

I live in Richmond, Kentucky which has a phenomenal bourbon selection, but not the best rum options. Over the past 1-2 years, I have really been getting into rum, but it’s tough to find good bottles. Does anybody have suggestions of good liquor stores/bars for rum?

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From United States with 326 ratings Replied 3 Jul '20

Ian H:

You are in luck! One of the largest liquor store chains is called Total Wine And More. The closest ones to you are two in Lexington, then two on the east side of Louisville, then one in Knoxville TN. If they don't have the rum that you are looking for, they can get it. They also carry some of the very expensive ones as well. Check their website to see what each store has in stock before driving over there. One of their stores just opened up only 40 miles away from where I live in Louisiana. Walking through their aisles is drool worthy!

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From Puerto Rico with 40 ratings Replied 4 Jul '20

Best bet is Louisville, there’s a restaurant next to the big statue of David called Proof on Main that has a good selection a lot of foursquares etc and they referred me to a little known fine spirits store close by that they get their rum from, I’d call them and ask.


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From United States with 23 ratings Replied 5 Jul '20

I'd hit the Liquor Barns and Total Wine. From what I remember, Ernie's had a decent selection when when we were through there. You could hit Total Wine, Liquor Barn (Beaumont Circle) and Ernie's within an hour... depending upon how long you shop each store.

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