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Gateway Rum

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Posted 26 Jun '20 from Greece with 16 ratings

A few months ago (just before the Covid thing started), I happened to try My first rum by pure chance. It was Don Papa, and I was astounded by the aromas and smoothness of the drink.

Now, 4 months later, I can barely drink the stuff. It’s as if it’s a gateway drug, designed to hook people!

I tried Don Papa tonight after experimenting with other rums and growing my collection a bit and ugh. It’s like my palate has out grown the Don Papa after sampling much better rums like Mount Gay XO, Zacapa XO and Diplomatico Ambassador. I’ve also become very fond of a gifted bottle of R.L. Seales.

Is it normal to move from entry level rum to more sophisticated or less adulterated offerings? I find I still prefer sweeter rum, but not the harsh chemical additives that the Don Papa represents.

I much prefer the flavors gained by actual aging over added colors and flavors.

Also, I’ve tried researching rum online, but most of what I find are anecdotal blogs that give a brief history but not much else, or super technical measurements and analysis of a bottle of rum.

Anyway, this is my first discussion after editing my first reviews to something more informed and I had a few questions. Thanks in advance!

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From Netherlands with 45 ratings Replied 27 Jun '20

Well, you learn fast when your taste has evolved from Don Papa to Mount Gay XO in just 4 months time! I found that sugar and other additives are very much in the way of enjoying real flavours in my food or drinks long before I came to drinking rums. The upside of an evolving taste is that your world of food and drinks will expand a lot, the downside is that you will set your bars higher, and some will say you become snobbish....

I had a similar experience when I banned sugar from my coffee a long time ago; after that I became much more critical about the brands of coffee I drank. With sugar I could hardly taste any difference but without it 60% of the standard coffees became barely drinkable......

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From Greece with 16 ratings Replied 27 Jun '20

Harrie, I will fully admit to being a coffee snob, as I too have graduated away from sugar in my coffee and I prefer it done properly. It’s funny, since I never drank coffee before moving to Europe, as most coffee in the USA is sock juice filtered through a jock strap!

My girlfriend says she’s created a monster, and I’m ok with that.

As for rum, I’m on my way past 700 euros of bottles on my shelf at this point. If I am a snob there too, perfect. There’s a difference between discerning taste and snobbishness, so time will tell which I become :)


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