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The sweetest rum ever

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Posted 22 Jun '20 from Slovakia with 3 ratings

Hi all rum lovers!

The question is simple. I want to know which rum was the sweetest you've ever tasted.
I'm building up my rum collection and I've got a sweet tooth so there's an obvious reason for this searching.
Thank you all in advance for your opinions!

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From Canada with 21 ratings Replied 22 Jun '20

Bumbu, has a sweet banana flavour

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From Czech Republic with 29 ratings Replied 22 Jun '20

The sweetest was A. H. Riise Navy rum, those clock about 110 g/l, is like sugar syrup, and has no business called "navy", or "rum".

But the absolutely sweetest rum was Havana club 7y into which I was gradually adding sugar by a teaspoon, wanting to find out how much you can add before it actually becomes unpalatable. Turns out you can add quite a lot. Eventually, you will get your Zacapa/Diplomatico out of any cheap rum.

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