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Help me decide, please?

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Posted 20 Jun '20 from Greece with 14 ratings

I am interested in Zacapa rum, which i am to try next. Limited only to their current product range, not old releases and still, in a certain dilemma specifically... So, which one of those two to get and why?

A Zacapa XO?
B Zacapa Royal?

Which is best? Price is not an issue, only quality is. Can you please recommend me one, with a small presentation bearing a few arguments, like pros/cons? I looked it up but i couldn't decide all by myself. I would greatly appreciate some help on the matter.

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Rene Rum

From Switzerland with 351 ratings Replied 21 Jun '20

Hi LostSoul,
i don't know the Zacapa Royal, XO is very nice and sweet (for a dessert rum not too bad).
I recommend to try the Ron Zacapa Edicion Negra, it is not that sweet as the other Zacapa.
The best way: try and find out. ;-)

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From Greece with 14 ratings Replied 21 Jun '20

Thank you for the reply! I like sweet rums, even though lots of connoisseurs frown upon them. Will seek the XO, then. And by the way, your cabinet is top notch, great work there!

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From Greece with 16 ratings Replied 29 Jun '20

Looks like you’ve already decided, but if you like sweet, the Zacapa XO is quite good. Have you tried it yet?

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From Germany with 153 ratings Replied 30 Jun '20

I would go for the XO, it's a masterpiece and very affordable. It's a good starting point to understand Zacapa Rum.
I like the balance between the freshness and the maturation.
After that I would go for Edicion Negra (it's not that balanced and heavy) or for the 2019 edition and then for the Royal.
Royal is the oldest and finest. You need more time, understanding and the right nosing glas for the tasting.
It's of course the best one, but if you make a misstake during the tasting you would not get the most value of it.
Enjoy it and have a good time.

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