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Refreshed Mount Gay product line

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Posted 7 Apr '20 from Germany with 188 ratings

What do you think about the fresh product line of Mount Gay?

Today the Mount Gay XO triple cask is officially available in Germany.
I'm looking forward to taste it in a few days. I think the Cognack finish was just the right decision.



From United States with 331 ratings Replied 11 Apr '20

Thanks for the detailed article. However, all of the features that I did not like in their Black Barrel and XO will only be magnified in the new versions. You saved me some money!



From United States with 9 ratings Replied 17 May '20

That’s a little disappointing. Seems like only minor refresh just to raise prices across the board.


Charles M

From United Kingdom with 127 ratings Replied 5 Sep '20

Found Black Barrel to be style over substance. Eclipse was what got me into rum and I was at one stage knocking back 3 bottles a week of it!! XO is OK, but to be totally honest, if I am to drink Barbados rum, I'd far rather stick with Richard Seale.

Problem with Mount Gay is that it is owned by one of the big boys who have priorities in different places.



From Greece with 18 ratings Replied 5 Sep '20

I managed to get the old XO. I like it pretty much, it immediately established a very special spot in my collection. I am going to get its new iteration too and even without trying the Triple Cask yet, i am positive this is going to be a repeat purchase and a standard, to seek refills. With cola it's meh, with Ococo ice-cubes, as somebody suggested in another thread, it's spectacular!