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Tasting party

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Posted 21 Feb '20 from Canada with 2 ratings

After golfing in Florida, I stopped by Total Wine and picked up a selection.
I generally like sharp cheese and dark chocolate when I'm sipping.
I was wondering what others like to nibble on while trying new rums. So that I can offer a variety to my guests.
We'll be tasting...

Centenario 20 and 30 yr
El Dorado 15 and 21 yr
Dictador 20 yr
Plantation XO 20th anniversary
Diplomatic reserva
Kill Devil 11yr Panama
And whatever they bring.

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beeporama (PREMIUM)

From United States with 23 ratings Replied 21 Feb '20

With almost any liquor, if I'm serious about tasting, I don't want to eat something too pungent or flavorful. I think tostones are a good choice; but that might be because my local tiki bar (where I try most new rums the first time) serves some great ones, with a simple guac and salsa. Even simpler, I'd consider corn chips, which also offer a very mild sweet-and-salty palate cleanser.

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From Germany with 157 ratings Replied 6 Mar '20

If I'm going to taste new rums, I try not too eat spicy or sweet on the day of tasting.
Sometimes I do this also the day before. My taste buds have something like a memory.
I use bread and water for tasting. They are good neutralizer.

But I would be grateful for some dry fruits.
To compare them with the flavors of the rum. Dry coconut, apricot, fig, date, apple, pineapple.

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