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Cuban Rum

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Dirty Ernie

Posted 9 Feb '20 from United States with 2 ratings

As luck would have it, it's "only" 100 miles from my driveway to the Canadian border on the Thousand Islands. At the duty-free shop re-entering the US they sell Havana Club, El Ron De Cuba. It's perfectly legal to have it in the US, but it can't be sold here. Go figure.

Not only are they GREAT people their prices are absolute rock-bottom due to no tax or duty. A 750 of 7 year HC is around $15 US and a 1 liter bottle of 3 year old is $11.

Bringing it back is totally legal. Another thing is that you can only bring in one liter DUTY FREE. In other words, you can bring in as much as you want but have to pay duty on everything but one liter. But since duty is only $2.80 a liter you're still ahead of the game. Don't fib to the customs guys! Declare everything. They usually let you go without duty for two or three anyway.

They also have deals such as Johnnie Walker Black, 2 1.75 liter bottles for $83 US, Crown Royal 2 liters for $35 US etc.

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From United States with 22 ratings Replied 15 Apr '20

Right on the money with your post. I went last year from USA. Brought 6 bottles back and declared them all. The customs officials were amused by my honesty and didn't charge me the duty- though I totally was ready to pay. Surprisingly, my favorite of the 3, 7, Anejo Especial and Anejo Reserva is the 7.

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