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Question on rums from Barbadas (Bajan rums)

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Posted 7 Feb '20 from United States with 310 ratings

As we all know, Barbados is one of the countries whereby it is against the law to add sugar to any rum. Malibu gets away with it by shipping the cheapest Bajan rum to Canada to add 100 gpl of sugar or more to each bottle. However, how on earth does Blue Chair Bay get away with adding lots sugars and still calling them Bajan rums? By the way, their white rum is awful, so adding flavors saves them. Coconut flavor seems to be able to save any bad white rum, as found in Koloa and Blue Chair Bay rums.

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From United States with 0 ratings Replied 14 Feb '20

From their homepage, their writing does seem to allude that it could be a Caribbean Rum. That's the only way they would even be able to sell "Key Lime' and 'Banana' Flavors. This seems more like a legal question about companies getting around specific terms for advertisement and marketing needs.
I think it's also pretty clear that if a website selling rum has 'Spiced Rum' as its frontliner, they aren't trying to sell you a White Rum. They are trying to sell sugar and spices in alcohol.

If Barbados is where you wanna have your rum from, some of their well known distributors are McCoy and Plantation.

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From Netherlands with 45 ratings Replied 25 May '20

Plantation isn't a 'real' Barbados rum either; the last years of elevation happen in France and this allows them to add sugar as well, which they do with a generous amount. Mount Gay, anything from Foursquare and Cockspur, along with the already mentioned McCoy, seem to be the safe Bajan choices.

Malibu doesn't sell their stuff as rum (not in the Netherlands anyway) but as rum with liquer which will let them get away with about anything they add.

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From Spain with 12 ratings Replied 16 Jun '20

St Nicholas Abbey is also decent right?

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From Netherlands with 45 ratings Replied 16 Jun '20

@ Rhombic;

Most certainly, sorry for not mentioning!

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