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What aged rum for mojito blend?

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Posted 2 Jan '20 from United Kingdom with 0 ratings

Hi all, just wanted to pose something. I'm currently working on a craft mojito, something that has depth and complexity, while still hitting the notes of a traditional classic mojito and keeping the right balance of flavours.

It also has to be cost effective, so nothing too pricey.

I haven't found a white rum yet that hits all of these notes, the one I'm currently working with is Plantation 3* which is beautifully smooth with a hint of warmth and island aromas. The trouble is it just isn't punchy enough to deliver a few layers of depth and complexity. And with a mojito, you can't do much with lime, mint and sugar (though I am using 50/50 white and demerara sugar for a bit more flavour profile).

I want to craft a great mojito with some amazing layers and complexity, but unless there's some random component I haven't thought of mixing in, the only way to do this is with the rum.

A good mojito should be predominantly clean, so white rum needs to be the pillar and I'm fairly happy with plantation 3* white rum for this. What I'm thinking of, is pairing it 3:1 with some sort of aged or darker rum (or a stronger, punchier white rum) to give the mojito a bit more character, without losing the essence of the drink, just introducing a few delayed flavour notes and layers.

Can anyone suggest a good moderately priced rum that might pair well with this?

Havana club Especial works quite nicely but I want to stay away from big global brands, go for something a bit more boutiquey and craft. I've ordered some Plantation OFTD, some Pussers blue and Worlds end Dark blend to try, but would be keen to hear if anyone has some thoughts based on their experiences of a good rum I could try?

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From United States with 310 ratings Replied 7 Jan '20


Instead of Planation 3 Star, try Selvarey White from Panama. Cana Brava 3 year is most likely part of it, since both come from Panama. The legendary Don Pancho has a part in the creation of both. I normally shy away from spirits with the names of non-spirited celebrities associated with them, but Bruno Mars made a major effort of five years to find the right white rum for his Selvarey. He wisely went straight to meet Don Pancho. His white rum is designed to be sipped neat, which very few other white rums can claim credit for. The good news is that Selvarey White is fairly available at only $23 US per bottle or less.

Since the mojito is a minty drink, may I suggest Angostura 5 Year, since those line of rums have a slight minty note that also put off many reviewers. I happen to like their unique characteristics. Also try a few drops of Angostura bitters, but this would change the color of the drink.

The other rum in the Selvarey line is their Cacao Rum (which I don't care for and I love chocolate). The Selvarey website shows lots of recipes for cocktails and the Cacao Mojito is one of them. Heck, why not? Mint goes with chocolate.

The Mojito is basically nothing more than the original Cuban Daiquiri with mint leaves added. Since most drinkers don't really care for the basic version of each, they like to add their favorite fruit. This does not make it a craft cocktail, but makes both drinks immensely popular.

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