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Cuban Rum

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Posted 12 Sep '19 from United States with 20 ratings

Heading to Vancouver next week. Any particular Cuban rum the group would recommend searching for and bringing back?

Found one store that shows HC 3, 7 & Anejo on hand. From what I can search those seem to be the most popular out of Cuba. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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From Finland with 203 ratings Replied 19 Sep '19

Try to find independent bottlers that bottle Cuban. Those rums are far superior to the big business commercial rums (overblended, sherried, and filtered) from the country. Sancti Spiritus - this stuff.

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Jagsroy (PREMIUM)

From Canada with 156 ratings Replied 10 Jan '20

Havana Club Seleccion de Maestro ($40 CUC) is a great buy!

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From Serbia with 3 ratings Replied 12 Apr '20

Why on this site I can't find from Cuba Havana Club 3, 7,15 etc ?
I am drinking Havana Club Anejo 7 from Cuba I want to rate it but on this site I can only find Puerto Rico.

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From Germany with 153 ratings Replied 12 Apr '20

Just use the keyword Havana in the search

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From Canada with 58 ratings Replied 12 Apr '20

Santiago de Cuba 12 and or 11 are the best from not expensive

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From Serbia with 3 ratings Replied 13 Apr '20

Hi, there are Havana Club rums, but all from Puerto Rico, what about Cuba? Mine bottle is from Cuba :)

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From Cuba with 56 ratings Replied 8 May '20

Check my shelf for Cuban rum. Salud!

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From Canada with 2 ratings Replied 11 May '20

RON MATUSALEM!!!! 15 year

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From United Kingdom with 5 ratings Replied 22 May '20

Ron Malecon 21! Or Ron Mulata 16

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From Panama with 3 ratings Replied 27 May '20

Hey brother— if you can find Ron de Santiago 11, I think that you’ll really like it ... I certainly do... salud!

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