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Looking for Sweet Sipping Rums

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Posted 18 Apr '19 from United States with 0 ratings

Hey Everyone,

I was hoping I could get a list or some advice of some sweet sipping rums. I am new to Rum, do not have a huge love for rough and hard taste. Looking for something I can sip on that is real smooth and sweet.

Can I possibly get a list to choose from? :)


Graham Davie

From United Kingdom with 55 ratings Replied 18 Apr '19

Hi JP21,
Diplomatica Reserva Exclusive.
Dos Maderos 5+5.
Any El Dorado, personally prefer 12 yo.
Ron Zacapa 23.
Plantation Barbados 20.
Just a few to be getting on with, but they are probably among the sweetest, although the Plantation is “ naturally “ sweet.
Enjoy, graham.



From United States with 0 ratings Replied 18 Apr '19


Thanks so much for your reply and list. I will be sure to check these out!!



From France with 17 ratings Replied 25 Apr '19

La flibuste from la favorite is probably one the best sweet rum you can find. This is a very old rum (they sale 1993 for the moment but older can be found).



From United States with 0 ratings Replied 25 Apr '19

Thank you Oliver91!



From Czech Republic with 1 rating Replied 27 Apr '19

Well, what is your price range? There are many options.



From United States with 0 ratings Replied 28 Apr '19

rumnaEX I would say $30



From Czech Republic with 30 ratings Replied 14 Jul '19

I would like to point out that you can create sweet rums for yourself just by sweetening just about any rum you have! I guarantee you will be satisfied by the results. I propose the following experiment:
You surely have at least one bottle of rum at home you find to harsh/strong to sip, and so it sits there somewhere. It will do just nicely. Either buy or make simple syrup (take 2 parts of sugar and 1 part of water, mix well, slowly heat up until it starts boiling, then let cool of), put half a shot of simple syrup into your sipping glass - that will be your base. Than add half a shot of your cheap rum, mix and taste. I assume it will be very sweet. Proceed by adding small amounts of the rum, each time mixing and tasting. Stop when the mix will be too harsh and revert back one step, remember the ratios, and mix larger batch of your "sipping rum". If it's light in color, add a drop of caramel color, or molasses if you don't have, and mix well. You can pour it into a luxury-looking bottle and present it to your friends as a deluxe, premium sipping rum - I guarantee many will praise it.

The reason I am writing this is that most rum producers do just that - they buy a cheap column distillate from some distiller, add sugar and caramel color, bottle it into a luxurious bottle with golden ornaments, and slap "premium" price sticker on it. You can do just as well, and keep the money in your pocket. Honest good rum will never be sweet enough, since sugar molecule is too heavy to pass distillation, hence it always contains zero sugars. It can pick up some trace sugars from the broken molecules of celulose in the barrel, but it will be just sweet notes, not actual sweetness. Also, really good rum is never sweetened, because sugar masks all the nuances (as really good olive oil is never flavored with garlic, or really good steak never contains monosodium glutamate).