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Rankings for my gold mixer rums

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Posted 15 Feb '19 from United States with 331 ratings

I was hesitant to even start this topic because most of us prefer to sip neat. Gold mixers are just a few steps up from white rums, yet far enough below to not qualify as being aged. Still, many of us like to mix our drinks. As usual, the list below is ranked in order with my rating shown to the left. Notice the lowest ranked one of Brugal Anejo as the only one that earned my lowest rating ever. I hope that I never find a rum tasting this bad again. Also notice that none rated above a 7, which can be expected for any gold mixer.

7 Appleton V/X
7 Don Q Anejo
7 Flor de Cana 5 Year Anejo
7 Cockspur 5-Star
7 Angostura Anejo 5 Year
7 One Barrel
6 Cruzan Gold
6 Marti Dorado 3 Year
6 El Dorado 5 Year
6 Flor de Cana Anejo Oro 4 Year
6 Hamilton Jamaican Gold
6 Appleton Signature Blend
6 J Wray Gold
6 Mount Gay Eclipse
6 Havana Club Anejo Classico
6 Boqueron Gold
5 Banks 7 Golden Age
5 Santa Teresa Anejo
5 Papas Pilar Blonde
4 Don Q Gold
3 Bacardi Gold
1 Brugal Anejo



From Czech Republic with 30 ratings Replied 14 Jul '19

I strongly suggest not categorizing rums by its color (i.e. "gold", "dark", "black"), since most commercial rum brands alter the color of their products with caramel coloring, hence the color is not in any relation to the actual age of the rum.
There are some independent bottling of for example Jamaican rums that are 10 or even 15 years old, and they are very light in color, and then you have products like Woods Navy Rum, or Myers that have been aged only a couple of years, if at all, and they are black as tar.
Also, please note that there is no legislation (unlike in whisky or bourbon world) that would specify what the age on the bottle means. Some use the age of the oldest component of the blend, some of the youngest, sometimes it's just an arbitrary number to impress the customers. Zacapa 23 is definitely not 23 years aged. Also note that tropical aging differs from temperate zone aging, tropical aging is much faster, and losses due to evaporation (angel share) is higher, so genuine rums older than 10 years are quite rare and expensive, as well as very woody (yes, it's possible to overdo it with aging).