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What are the best rums that can be found in Vancouver, Canada?

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Posted 31 Dec '18 from Canada with 0 ratings

What are the best rums that can be found in Vancouver, Canada?

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From Canada with 5 ratings Replied 10 Jan '19

Zaya is a very good rum in Vancouver with their limited selection! Or if you can find it Admiral Rodney extra old 12 year.

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Rene Rum

From Switzerland with 351 ratings Replied 10 Jan '19

Be careful with the Zaya rum, buy only the old version with the real straw neck and not the version with the printed neck label. Find more info under the ratings.

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From Canada with 0 ratings Replied 13 Jan '19

If you go to a 'Signature" BCLDB store, you can find the Flor de Cana line, higher end Appletons, Gosling's, and Matusalem. I haven't lived in Vancouver for about 5 years now, however, the best store was at 41st and Cambie St.

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From Canada with 22 ratings Replied 14 Jan '19

Legacy Liquor (1633 Manitoba St) carries a great selection of premium brands, but be warned - at a (swallow hard) premium markup. However, having searched the province(s), they seem to be the only ones who do - other than going to Alberta.
I've purchased a variety from them over the years, such as Diplimatico (Ambassador & Single Vintage), Brugal 1888, Plantation 20 XO and Santa Teresa 1796. Their website is decent, but missing a ton of product images for the premiums. Still, it provides origin country and price point.
You can also collect points redeemable for store purchases, which does help to offset the markup down the road.

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From Canada with 50 ratings Replied 24 Jan '19

Diplomatico 2000 is available at West Vancouver just off 16th and Marine Drive it's a beautiful smooth rum. As far as Zaya goes they also carry the new version which is the fifth version of Zaya in the last 4 years. I have tried them all. The Old wicker sleeve is still the best. The label is black and gold. The new one also has a wicker sleeve on the top but to distinguish it from the old one, it has red, black and gold on the label. This is almost as good as the original. I bought the last three bottles available in west Vancouver also at the liquor store on 16th and Marine Drive

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From Canada with 0 ratings Replied 25 Jan '19

At all BCL you can buy some great ones. But yes, alcohol is more expensive as we know in Vancouver. The private liquor store on Hastings , High Point, just before Renfrew is OK. Not a huge selection, but I believe they have Plantation X0 20th anniversary (which is no longer available at BCL)
- Parce 12yr
- Diplimatico ER
- El Dorado 15yr
- Diplimatico 2002 anniversary edition (I have heard not really worth the extra money, but never tried it)
- Mount Gay XO (a GREAT rum under $50)
- Flor de Cana 18yr
- Goslings Family reserve (never had it, but is premium rum)

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