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What Cola do you mix with?

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Posted 14 Nov '18 from Australia with 0 ratings

Cuba Libre...what Cola do you use? These days I normally drink rum straight up or in a cocktail. As a kid I would drink it with Coca Cola but I'm looking for something else. Tried Jarritos Mexican Cola and that was alright..any suggestions?


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From Estonia with 1 rating Replied 14 Dec '18

At first You can try something simple. Something like Dr. Pepper. I tried some different colas and most artisanal colas stole the flavor. Some good spiced or just dark rich rum will be needed for them. I dunno what you got there for sale in Australia :D

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From United Kingdom with 140 ratings Replied 27 Dec '18

Oddly enough I’ve found Pepsi Max works well. Not sure why but like it more than Coke or the diets.

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From Canada with 5 ratings Replied 2 Feb '19

Sugar cane colas are in my opinion the best way to go. Coca cola made in Mexico are made with sugar cane. It is available from most Costco’s in the US and comes in a glass bottle. Many colas from Italy are made from cane sugar as well but some of these are sweeter than Coke, experiment and enjoy!

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