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Rum gone bad ?

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Graham Davie

Posted 3 Aug '18 from United Kingdom with 54 ratings

Just bought a bottle of English Harbour 5 yr old and after trying a drop I thought I would compare it to its older brother before writing a review.
Imagine my horror on pouring the last inch in the the bottle, only to see that it was full of what I can only describe as very fine silt. You couldn't see into the glass, let alone thru it.
The bottle was bought last year and no problems with the rum drunk from this bottle previously.
I've never had this with any rum before and am totally in the dark as to why it's happened.
Any ideas ?


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From Czech Republic with 30 ratings Replied 21 Jan '19

Under normal conditions, 40% ABV booze acts as a preservative and disinfectant, killing any bacterial/fungal/whatever growth in the bottle.

However, the ABV may decrease with time, until the concentration is low enough to allow said growth - either to evaporation (improperly sealed bottle), or dilution (somebody drinks from the bottle and tops it up with water so that you won't notice).

Or someone can throw some inorganic contaminant into the bottle.

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Scott T

From United States with 120 ratings Replied 21 Jan '19

There is a fair amount of added sugar in EH, if as kamamura said much of the alcohol had evaporated it is possible mold could have grown.

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Graham Davie

From United Kingdom with 54 ratings Replied 21 Jan '19

Thanks for that.
Only occasion that it’s happened to me, hope it’s the last.

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Charles M

From United Kingdom with 126 ratings Replied 3 Dec '19

Sounds like a filtration issue..

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