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Diplomatico 2004 Single Vintage

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Posted 13 Jul '18 from Australia with 2 ratings

Hi all

Just wondering if anyone has had a chance to try this one yet.

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From United States with 3 ratings Replied 3 Sep '18

Following this as well, really want to pull the trigger and buy the 2004 or the 2002 if I can find it. Really curious if it is worth the extra money apart from the reserve exclusiva

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From Canada with 22 ratings Replied 8 Dec '18

I've been fortunate to have enjoyed the 2002 as well as a bottle of the Ambassador.
Personally, for the expansive price difference to the Diplimatico Riserva Exclusiva, I did not feel the value was representative.
The DRE (again, in my opinion) is one of the finest, well balanced and complex rums I've tasted, ranking as #1 in my top 5.
Currently (oops) I finished off the Single Vintage 2002 I had, and will pick up another only as a filler for the spot in my collection.
I'm looking forward to exploring and experience more varieties, finding the ones that really impress both for exclusivity and value for dollar.
I'd highly recommend the Santa Teresa 1796 and Plantation XO, as ranking up there with DRE.
Pull the trigger if you find the opportunity, you won't be disappointed, but be sure you've had the Exclusiva to compare. I'd really be interested in your comments.

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From Czech Republic with 37 ratings Replied 10 Feb '19

I have tasted diplomatico 2004 and while it is currently the only rum I have rated a 10, I actually only recommend purchasing this as a collection piece. The RE is a solid 8, and costs like a fifth of the 2004, other brands have similar quality rums in this price range, notably eldorado, zaya, even enjoyed Barcelo for quite cheap. If you have the money to spare and want to experience it, no time to hesitate, but if you are only after a good drinkin rum, spare yoourself the trouble and grab the Reserva exclusiva.

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