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Where to keep bottles?

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Mike Flaherty

Posted 4 May '17 from Ireland with 6 ratings

Hi, early stages of my rum collection which I have on a bookcase not in direct sunlight, I was wondering if this is ideal or should the bottles be in cupboards/drawers ?

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From Belgium with 64 ratings Replied 7 May '17

Hi Mike.
The ideal conditions are to keep your bottles upright, in the dark, in a dry room and at a temperature between 14 and 18 ° C.

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From United States with 231 ratings Replied 18 Nov '17

Very important that you ensure that your stand/ shelves are enforced so they are strong enough to support the weight of the rum your displaying. I have heard of horror stories of expensive and rare rums being lost as a result of the bottles breaking upon hitting the floor due to insurmountable weight and lack of hindsight regarding just how heavy a bottle of rum weighs!

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From United States with 3 ratings Replied 9 Jun '20

Okay so cellar them. What do you do to preserve them when they are opened and started to be enjoyed?( I keep a bottle for mixing, a couple for sipping and one or two of my wife’s favorites going at any time. Not to mention seasonal favorites.)
I have heard of people adding marbles to keep the level up and air out but you run the risk of contamination.

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From Greece with 14 ratings Replied 6 Jul '20

Old style cabinets and retro furniture made of wood, is ideal. Like the one found in living rooms of old mansions and antiquated buildings. Those had been the default spirits storage space. It may not allow you to peek in from the outside, but no sunlight entering and relative humidity are both guaranteed. In those, tall bottles rarely fit though (like my Bayou and Foursquare Spirced), but the expensive bottles with unique design such as St Lucia 1931 fit perfectly, as if the entire thing was made solely for them or something! The rest, most of them are cheap (nothing over 40 bucks really), i stashed them in an empty space behind my office desk, lacking a custom made, or specific place to put them in.

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