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Medium trader vics silver rum

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Had a rum tasting on a sunny afternoon, because why not. Trader Vics Silver bottle and label design is very lame and boring. Pure alcohol to the nose and palate. Awful burn at the end. Mix it with Coke and down it goes but just barely.


We had a tasting of our cheap rum at the liquor store I work at today. I would rather drink floor cleaner than this. Not fit for human consumption.

Really wasn't expecting much from this rum and got was I was expecting. Typical white rum. A little sweetness before the burn hits. Not very complex flavor. Not a bad rum but not a great rum either. Has a little bit of an ethanol odor in the bottle that shows up a little in the aftertaste. Good for mixed drinks and colas. Makes for a nice conversation piece to talk about the original Trader Vic's I guess.