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Medium barcelo gran anejo rum

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I don't understand the low numbers this rum received. This Dominican rum is not overly sweet although there are some sweetness in the finish. Some vanilla flavor and no harsh burn...quite smooth. Nothing extraordinary about it otherwise I'd have given it a 9. Would make for a decent sipping rum if nothing better is available. Works great in mixed drinks and colas. Extremely versatile rum.

Very decent, very smooth rum, with wide sugary sweetness and body with hints of coffee and sweet spice. It has very slight after taste burn. I recommend this one as good bargain with high benefit cost. It's very drinkable rum, decent mixer and simple sipper (with no distinctive or surprising taste, however).

Quite a decent rum, first try is really sharp aftertaste, second try gives a smooth feel. The aroma of the wooden casks. Can be sipped.

Coffee, vanilla, not very long finish without personnality. A good one for cocktail or rocks & coke.
Quote : 6.5

The Dominicans scored big with this one! I can't believe all the poor or so-so ratings. This rum is fantastic. It's good iced cold and it also makes a punchy rum and coke. This should serve as the standard for "Anejo" rums! It is very balanced, starts with a nice rum bite, finishes smooth with a very subtle sweetness, and is not over oaked. The aroma lingers in the nose and the pallet for a while maintaining a vanilla and nutty finish. Molasses, fruit, and sugar are not the centerpiece of this Anejo. This is a "hotter" more punchy aged rum.

As always I taste my rum neat. Not a full bodied smooth rum but no overpowering alcohol or burn which is not bad for a rum priced pretty much on par with a Havana club blanco. Spicy and not overly sweet. Pretty decent.


Buen color y sabor, algo fuerte al paladar, se percibe el roble. Para ingerir con hielo y/o con cola.

Meegenomen van vakantie naar de Dominicaanse Republiek. Op zich niet gek, maar soms tikje wrang en niet helemaal mijn smaak. Een 6,5 zou het zijn voor mij. Ook goed voor in de mix.

Sa robe est or pâle.

Au nez, l’impression est sèche. L’arôme dominant est nettement le caramel. Viennent ensuite des notes torréfiées de chocolat. Pour finir une touche vanillée apparaît. L’ensemble est relativement frais.

En bouche, l’attaque est souple mais sèche, ici pas de sucre. On retrouve les mêmes marqueurs qu’au nez. Le chocolat et le caramel font cependant jeu égal. Bien que la bouche soit plutôt légère, les arômes ne sont pas si timides que ça.

La finale est assez longue et toujours sèche. Les mêmes notes demeurent et un boisé discret pointe le bout de son nez.


N- At underwhelming 37.5%, seriously not much to expect. Whispers of ripe sweet tropical fruit, metallic, mineral and huge scents of cardboard, brown sugar, coconut candy, get better as it get on but cloudy and superficial, though nothing actually unpleasant, it just ....diluted. (80/17)

P- Welcoming sweet herbs notes, sugary with layer of toasted oak with tinge of thin spice and white raisins. (82/17)

F- Short, watery thin for casual sip on rock or a perfecto rum martini. Dusty, semi dry. (80/17)

Body/Balance- 80/17

Weighted Rate- 68
— at The Rum Bar KL.


This one is a perfect every day rom. Works fine for sipping and for cocktails.

Bit harsh, better to have it on ice or mix it. Can be an upgrade from havana3 or bacardi carta

It’s an honest aged molasses rhum, quite equilibrated: not very harsh in the aftertaste and with a good level of sweetness. With cola, it gives you the perfect Cubata.

Cheap rum but little sweet, smooth, little to strong, sharp aftertaste.

Its ok bit not that smooth to sip. The Imperial is a massive step up from this.

From the moment you open the bottle is noticiable its strong aroma that caracterizes the caribbean spirits. Not on the rocks, but good for mixers.

Nice in a coke but nothing stands out. I like to mix it with a coke and even then this does not stand out

Very smooth and very nice. I would 100% recommend it to someone who is new to rum to taste a better rum and I think it's important to keep this one in mind when talking about good rums. But I do think that is where it should stay. I do not think it is one of the best rums around but it is VERY far away from the worst.

To someone who is new to rum, do try this!

Had a bottle of Barcelo Gran Anejo in Puerto Plata. Not really a neat sipper. Very harsh alcohol to the nose and palate. Mild rum flavors are masked behind low end rum flavors. Harsh burn at the end to finish it off.


La presentación de la botella no me pareció la más adecuada, a la apertura el olfato que confiere el ron es dulce y con ligeras notas de vainilla.
Al degustarlo el sabor a alcohol es intenso y el final deja un sabor dulce agradable.
Definitivamente por el precio un buen Ron para combinar con cola o algo más.

Nice taste but not the smoothest, slight burn even with mixture

Doing a side by side taste test against the Ron Barcelo Imperial, one can taste how they both have the same starting base. However, this kid brother is a bit harsh with no notable flavors. This turns it into a $17 bottle of cheap sipping rum that is impossible to find where I live unless I return to Florida. Even if it were readily available, I would not buy it again. I don't regret buying it because at least I can see that this distiller is honest. It won't go to waste and there is nothing repulsive about it.

Update Feb 21, 2018: There is absolutely no ill effect whatsoever after drinking too much of this rum, probably due to it having no added sugar. It's not really so bad at all being a human guinea pig, since the after effects are what really shows up on how good a rum really is.

This now brings me to four distillers that I have tried from the Dominican Republic that I can wholeheartedly trust for both taste and having no after effects: Vizcaya, Opthimus, Barcelo, and Matusalem. I am on the fence when it comes to Kirk & Sweeney and will never touch another bottle of Brugal (their Anejo is the only rum that I tried that earned my rating of 1). This rum would have gained a point if it were not for it's rather bland taste.

Standartni suchý rum ....základ od kterého já osobně hodnotim

Tento rum som si vybral ako novinku, bez akejkoľvek skúsenosti s touto značkou. Tak som sa rozhodol, že idem do niečoho nového, neprebádaného. Podme sa naň pozrieť detailnejšie.

Fľaša: ide o pôvodný dizajn fľaše, nakoľko v tomto čase už existuje nový. Na prednej a zadnej strane vystupuje logo výrobcu. Inak v tejto cenovej kategórii ide o krásnu fľašu.

Vôňa: u mňa prevláda vôňa perníkov, krásne to vyznieva, taktiež cítim vanilkový struk a mierne banány s korením. Veľmi zaujímavá vôňa. Po dopití a odstatí pohára v ňom ostáva silná dubová aróma.

Chuť: čo sa chuti týka, nie je ničím výnimočná, ostrá, cítiť alkohol, trocha hrozienka. Záver je krátky, dochuť v ústach je citeľná.

Záver: tento rum ma prekvapil svojou vôňou, chuťou to nie je to pravé (pre mňa). Možno by sa hodil do miešaných nápojov pre niektorých však ako samostatné pitie. Mojim známym chutil takže niečo do seba má (asi tá vôňa)


Kontynuując ostatnią blogowo-rumową passę można dorzucić notkę o ciekawym rumie z którym miałem okazję obcować z okazji świąt bożego narodzenia. Także dziś szybka notka tego co zaserwował szwagier:

ZAPACH: Lekko agresywny, orzechowy oraz delikatnie czekoladowy

SMAK: Cytrusy, rodzynki, lekkie alkoholowe pieczenie w język. Ogolnie kwaskowy a w tle wyczuwalna beczka oraz melasa. Smak jest wytrawny - słodyczy jest tu niewiele.

Niewątpliwie jest to rum dla wymagających, nie jest łatwy ale bogaty w aromaty. Dość ciekawie smakuje w drinku co zresztą sugeruje sam producent na swojej stronie internetowej.

OCENA: 60/100