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I found this bottle in a small liquor store in il while on vacation. I bought it because I have never heard of it and I like to support craft distilleries whenever I can. The bottle is not the easiest to open, but I like wax seals so I don't mind. After pouring the aroma is very bourbon like, smoky oak, earthy, but after a minute of sitting out comes a sweet smell like a cool summer morning. When I tasted it the first thing I got was whiskey burn. After that faded the flavor of this really comes thru. It starts like a good whiskey with oak, earthy flavor, then carries into pure caramel and vanilla, but the finish is where I thought it really shined. At the tail just before the throat burn it is sweet! Gives the sensation that you. Chased it with a slight bit of pure cane sugar. I put a couple of drops of water in it to really get all these flavors delivered. Without the water it tastes more young and rough around the edges. I think this is an excellent rum, thank you Newport Ri!!

This is an interesting rum for me. I had read about this rum and the namesake, Thomas Tew. I didn't expect to find a bottle...the last a small liquor store in Thomasville, Georgia. It is a pot-distilled single barrel rum from Rhode Island so each barrel may impart differing characteristics on the rum itself. My bottle was filled with rum from barrel #118 and I definitely detect oak and molasses in the flavor. It has an almost bourbon aroma in the bottle with a hint of sweetness. It is a drier rum than what I normally enjoy but this rum is quite smooth and the oakiness does not impart a bitterness to the flavor. There does not seem to be a major burn but instead a nice warmth that envelopes the throat slowly fading to a nice tingle on the tongue and a lingering mild molasses sweetness. I like this rum and it is an excellent sipping rum as well as an excellent mixer. A delightful and truly outstanding all-around rum.

Warning, I gush too much on this rum. I do hit it for the difficulties I find in tasting it, but once you have drank the rum, all of those issues become distant memories. This is not a Caribbean rum, this is an American rum. There is no overt sweetness, or grassy tones, this is a great molasses based rum that has been properly aged in oak.

Bottle: Good looking, unique, fine addition to the shelf. One of my favorites.
Color: Crystal brown.
Bottle Aroma: A little heavy on ethanol with rum odor present.
Glass Aroma: Ethanol has completely dissipated, a dry rum with and oaky, almost bourbon like nose comes out.
Taste: The smell and taste of this rum are different, one does not lead to the other. This is a complex rum that has sat in barrels for some time and be pulled when right. It is oaky, with a good mix of flavors that remind me of a good American Whiskey that has a small amount of rye and wheat in it.

I love this rum. I might be influenced because of its Newport Storm, Newport - RI heritage, or that it is a great example of American craft distillery rum. If you are looking to have a range of spirits that shows the capabilities of the US craft distillery market, in my opinion this is the rum to have as part of that collection.

Great American made rum here! Flavor profile similar to a Ron centernario 20-25 year here! An honest rum full of flavor and handcrafted in small batches in the USA. Highly recommended rum.

I was at a bar in Newport Rhode Island and asked the bartender what kind of rum they had. Nothing sounded too good until I heard about Thomas Tew. The good part was that I never heard about it before so I gave it a try - wow! Nice darker (not too dark) rum with a smooth finish. You can only get it in Southern New England. If you are in the area buy a bottle and support the local economy!

Black strap molasses based rum distilled using brewers yeast in copper pot stills. Many of the ingredients and equipment from the 18th century have been reintroduced and incorporated into their rum making.
Flavorful, earthy, full- bodied and on the fruity, sweeter side this single barrel rum is very nice.
It is hard to come by since it is pretty much allocated in the New England area and I believe Texas. So, you will probably have to order this rum online.
For some good, reason, I encountered a bottle of it in a new liquor store here in Florida!!!!

Enjoyable, layered American rum. Great sipper. An oaky hint of butterscotch. The burn is warming and mellow, but lasts.

I really enjoyed this rum it starts out with sweet oak flavor and finishes with a nice burn, very good to sip I like to add a cube of ice.

Great oak taste and okay sweetness as well.
Pretty impressive for a Rum which has none added sugar or colors. There is something extra I cannot describe.. but its close to pineapple taste..

This is my first review so please be patient. I liked the taste a lot. Smooth. Caramel and red color. Cool bottle, cork cap, waxed seal. Very Good American rum from Newport RI.

Sugar: 20 GPL.
If you like Bourbon then you will like this rum and if you like mixed rum drinks then you will love this rum.
It's got some sweetness to it and that counters the strong oak and Bourbon taste from the casks this is aged in. That molasses style sweetness then fades to a slow burn that seems to last for quite some time. Great heat on the back end. It's a strong tasting sipping rum and if you mix it then you are in for a treat. I liked it and would buy it again.

Plenty of flavor, despite having none of the fruit or sugar overtones of more famous "premium" rums. It reminds me a lot of Bajan gems like Seale 10-year-old, but with a more aggressive presentation. It's just as dry, with a lot more oaky goodness. Enjoy it straight up (a perfect choice), or mix it with fresh lime and sugar, but certainly don't waste this excellent rum by pouring it into soda pop. Much too good for that!


It's really good to see the return of Rum Distillery's in the US, and this one is really good. The added essence of bourbon from the repurposed casks it is aged in makes the flavor unique. Its one of my favorite sipping rums either straight up or on the rocks.

I like both bourbon and rum. This is a very bourbon like rum. Almost a marriage of the two. Blackstrap flavor and very oaky.

Looks good. Great legs. Nice scent. Tastes like whiskey, so turned it into an OF. No can do.

I live just 40min from Newport Storm where this is made, so I took a trip there w/ my dad to have a tasting. It was that good that we each got a bottle. You have to saw off the wax top, but regardless it adds to the uniqueness. It’s more oaky than caribbean rum. Almost like a very sweet whiskey, but definitely a rum. This is definitely a sipping type!

This is a nice run to use as a mixer, not a fan of it straight up. Better than the mass produced stuff

I will leave my old rating behind. I still am not happy with that bottle however I poured some in coke this time and wow is that some good stuff. Don't go heavy on the coke, it just needs some to take the burning edge off. However wow what a good bourbon/rum bastard child. Wish it was better straight or this could be a high 9.
To start the bottle is nice. But there was just one problem, how do you open it? There is no pull tab through the wax so you have to claw away at the wax to pull the cork out. After about 5 minutes of clawing away at the wax which made me feel like an alcoholic savage. The cork finally pops out. The stuff smells like your drier rums. Appleton, Ron barcelo ect but has a hint of the bourbon aged barrel it came from. From the glass you're going to know right away this needs to breathe. The ethanol is harsh smelling. So I gave it 20 minutes in time out for bad behavior. After that, it's balanced itself out. It has distinct characters of all its flavours in the odor. However the problem starts when you drink it straight. It is amazing at first, however it splits right down your tongue at the sides burning them? I never experienced something like this before. My left and right side (but not the middle) were totally stinging from the bite. Kinda like Moses parted my tongue. It's flavours are very interesting and distinctive, oak molasses, less vanilla than usual, nuts. This definitely is the son of bourbon and rum. However with that said I wasn't to happy with the bottle and how much it burned. Definitely not one you can sip straight, it needs rocks at least.

Found this US rum at a party store and decided to give it a try. With no knowledge of this rum before my first sniff, I had to recheck the bottle! smells much more like bourban than rum. Oh, aged in bourban barrels. No wonder. I little too much of that flavor in this rum for my liking. If you are a bourban drinking looking for something just a little differnet, this is it.

i found this in a liquor store that otherwise didn't have a great run selection. The manager explained that he had bought it as a favor to his salesman as a favor in order to get some rare bourbons. When you drink it you'll understand the connection.

The dominant smell is the alcohol. The taste is strange. Never sure ifs rum or borboun it fails at both. It has few of the flavors ir characteristics I look for in a rum, it also lacks the traits I expect in a true bourbon. Thus, it's neither fish nor fowl. If you like bourbons maybe give it a shot. Otherwise, just say no.

Enjoyable...not remarkable

If you see someone mixing this rum with ANYTHING, keelhaul them. Twice. Same if you see them pounding back shots of it like it was simply a means to an end. This is a SIPPING rum, to be savoured at leisure. It is DELICIOUS. The bottle of rum growin' from ev'ry tree at fiddler's green--THIS is the rum they grow.