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Medium barcelo anjelo rum

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Rhum très ordinaire, même avec du cola. Pour ce prix il y n'a des meilleurs.

Very cheap rum with a distinctive sweet flavor, maybe a little bit more harsh than it's "Gran Anejo" brother. Still a very bad investment.


Fera lui aussi l'affaire pour un mojito ou un cuba libre.

This is a blend of rum distilled in the Dominican Republic and aged for up to 4 years in used oak bourbon barrels from Kentucky.

I like this a little less than the Grand Anejo but really not much all that much.

It has a nice amber color in the snifter shifting a bit to a golden hue. The aroma does have a little harshness to it but not to objectionable levels. The blend of rums are aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels and that flavor is predominate at the outset as well as at the finish. There are hints of vanilla and toffee with some sweetness. There may be some sugaring present (the figures I've seen are to an older version of the Barceló Anejo -- I am unsure how much, if any, sugaring is in this rum however it's really not too sweet so it may be much less, if any).

The oak flavor is a tad too strong to qualify this as a sipping rum in my opinion however it works extremely well as a versatile mixing rum.

I had it on a night along with Barbancourt. I both liked them but the Barbancourt was better.

Bueno, precio elevado para lo que es, pero buen sabor y calidad

Un ron que ni siquiera con Cola sabe bien...muy ordinario.


Para combinar en cocktails como el Cuba libre o similares (con cola). No lo tomaría solo de ninguna manera, con mucho alcohol y prácticamente sin sabores complejos. lo dicho, para copas

If you are searching for a rhum to mix with coke that doesn't suck and that's cheap enough, this could be it. Not too sweet, not too strong, not smoked, not spiced, not harsh on the throat. You can taste it's there but without standing out on any particular field. A good workhorse, nothing more and nothing less.

Bought for 13.5€ in Spain

Just alcohol and thats it. Something I would consider the lowest end for drinking straight. May be better with coke.

Poured neat, it smells great. Rum, a little oak, a little caramel... The first sip has a lot of heat, though, and isn't very smooth. Would be an okay mixer, but not a sipper.

Pale Amber colour with alcohol and wood on the nose. Light harsh burn with cask and burnt sugar taste. This would make a good rum and coke, but I was only given 2 oz to rate. A dry ,short finish with a good burn.

Ok as a mixer. In terms of value for money, get the better Ron Barcelo’s

Ein sehr guter Rum zum Mixen mit Cola. Dafür hervorragend geeignet. Hatten die 1,75 Liter Flasche mit Freunden zur Verfügung.

Levnější vladší bratříček Barcela Imperial. Barcelo Anejo není tolik vyzrálé i když také už chytá chutě po whisky, převládá klasický rum. Nic extra, ale vzhledem k ceně rozumné pití.

Nice sweet caramel taste. Smells good, really good in a rum-cola. Not really a sipper. Aftertaste is sweet and perfect for cocktails.

Medium rum, neither intimidated nor offend, l would use it as rum in mixed drinks as a self-drinking. the price 13 eur


Nice rum, I would recommend to drink it with some ice cubes. the price is good for the quality.

Mixed very well with cola and it is not very expensive

Nose is attractive with vanilla and alcohol content.
Palate is complex, but bitterness stifles enjoy.
Pleasure is not great, it squeezes the head slightly, relaxes the body, easily digestible.
Cuban/Spanish style mainstream.

Too sweet but at the same time not very much complexity of flavor...

For Sipping (not for sipping)
For mixing (go for more balanced mixers rather than sweet one otherwise you will get gummy bear like taste out of it)

The store I work for actually sent back this product because when we sampled a bottle after shipment the rum was overpowered with a heavy metallic taste. That we believe to be from the copper cap. Long story short our sales-rep agreed with us and we sent them back.

Un ron que nos enseña que las cosas se pueden hacer bien.
Con un costo justo puedes probar un muy buen ron.

Tried the Barcelo Imperial and Anejo back-to-back and both are quite a big disappointment. The Imperial has much darker color than the Anejo. Both have a very strong alcohol smell to them. Anejo tastes like alcohol with a hint of aged rum flavors hidden deep enough but ultimately this is not a neat sipper.