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Your likeness of this spiced rum will depend on how much sweet you can take. Nice mango flavor with the pina in the background. Good for a mixer.

A pungent potent pineapple / mango rum, bears little resemblance to the sweet fake tasting fruit rums from Bacardi or Cruzan. Not for the faint of palate.

Sweet but not too much for a fruit flavored rum, interesting that it comes from Barbancourt. Over a couple cubes a quite nice sipper. The fruit flavor is right up front but given the name I would expect that.
If you are going to give it a try, get two. It's not expensive and the first will be gone in a day. Only flavored rum I'll get.

As far as rum goes, this rum is more of a punch. It has more taste than a traditional ti-ponch (sugar sweet) because of the mango and piña. It is ok to sip and to mix. I preferred the Legendario.

Ce rhum est très aromatisé. Ça goûte beaucoup la mangue et les tropiques.


According to the label this rum has pineapple, mango, and a "secret Haitian spice" (I'm not sure if I wanna know). Although the base rum is agricole, the pineapple and mango is STRONG...really strong...and sweet. I've had worse. The pineapple and mango definitely are present in its aroma. The rum itself is a very light gold color. The sweetness catches me by surprise and initially I wasn't into it but allow it to settle for a while and then sipping some more made it more palatable. However this isn't a sipping rum but a rum destined for tropical fruit cocktails. A rum fruit smoothie would be awesome in this.

Now as a straight rum I would give this at best a "3" but as a mixer? Much higher. Overall I give it a 6 mainly for its limitations. I truly think it could be better if it were not so sweet. The agricole rum suffers a bit with the sweetness.

But it is what it is. And what it is is a very nice rum best suited for fruit-based cocktails.

This rum is perfect for those times when you want to sip something out of the ordinary. First of all, it's made by Barbancourt, which means 100% fermented sugar cane juice. Zero molasses. It's flavored with pineapples, mangoes and spices (and sugar?). The result is a very light, sweet, bright-tasting 70 proof rum/liqueur which goes down easily all on its own. No need for ice or mixers (although they could be a nice addition if you insist). It is only slightly similar to Stiggins Fancy, an equally delicious but much heavier, molasses-based rum/pineapple concoction. It is very easy to drink half a bottle of this Pango by accident. And then the other half on purpose. Liquid fun.


Great with juice...tropical flavor