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Saint James Royal Ambre rum

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99 Saint James Royal Ambre ratings

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Posted 9 months ago by Matto980 from United Kingdom with 5 ratings

Can be a little drain cleaner-esque if the mix is too strong

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Posted 11 months ago by Martin Kennedy from Australia with 196 ratings

45% abv. I did approach this rhum with trepidation as the Reserve wasn't very pleasant but this was a lot worse. Started off ok , nice dark amber colour in the glass with a nose of caramel and slightly fruity notes.. then I swirled the glass and it changed its flavour profile to the smell you get when the tides gone out !
A cross between salt water and rotting seaweed.. it really took me by surprise ! This smell unfortunately transferred into the taste , I just couldn't get past it.. drowned it in cola just to finish.. yuk !

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Posted 12 months ago by mrakoplas from Slovakia with 35 ratings

Nuz moj prvy agricole rum, ktory mi pripomenul, ze na mojej rumovej ceste som iba na zaciatku. V chuti alkohol a tráva, lieskove orechy, nič pre začiatočníkov a teda zatiaľ ani pre mňa, staci, ale pridat limetku, trstinovy cukor a ľad a hned to je 6++

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Posted 12 months ago by Tim from Canada with 56 ratings

Use when an agricole is called for in mai tai, etc. Decent ti punch

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Posted over 1 year ago by darkmanso from France with 27 ratings

Un bon rhum pour les planteurs et autres cocktails.

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Posted over 1 year ago by JellyJortikka from Finland with 53 ratings

Has those typical agricole qualities, citrusy, grassiness, acidity, alcoholic kick, this is not as acidic as white acricoles though and has bit too much unpleasant alcoholic taste even if mixed, some oakiness can be found.
Nothing special, works well enough in tiki cocktails like three dots and a dash but im sure there is more mature and complex options available too.

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Posted over 1 year ago by nichaos from Greece with 77 ratings

Σαν πολύ αυστηροί δεν είστε εδώ στο rumratings !!!!!!! αναλογικά με τα ρούμια που έχω βαθμολογήσει με 7 ίσως να είναι λιιιιγο πιο κάτω. Ήμουν ανάμεσα στο 6 με το 7 . Σίγουρα δεν έχει διάρκεια και ένταση .... Αλλά .... Λίγο η ιδιαίτερη γεύση του, το όμορφο μαγαζί, οι ωραίες μουσικές που έπαιζε, οι cult καταστάσεις που συνέβαιναν ακριβώς πίσω μας και ..... η Μαγική Νάξος στις Αρχές του Μάρτη ..... Βοήθησαν να πάμε την βαθμολογία προς τα επάνω. 7ρακι λοιπόν για ένα άξιο δοκιμής ρούμι, χωρίς όμως να περιμένετε ..... παπάδες

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Posted over 1 year ago by Andero from Estonia with 64 ratings

Definitely good for mixing, but a bit boozy and the result of ageing in wood does not produce the results other rhums have achieved. If you had a bottle laying around to be consumed, you would not say no cause it’s a Martiniquan rhum after all but there are other much better agricoles to be had :) 6.3-6.4. The nose is really boozy.

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Posted over 1 year ago by Gianlubona from Italy with 3 ratings

Non il rum più buono del mondo, ma comunque, visto il prezzo, raggiunge la sufficienza.

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Posted over 1 year ago by Longjohnsilver from Italy with 44 ratings

Rhum molto secco, in prima battuta spiazza un po' ma sul lungo periodo si fa apprezzare