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Smith and Cross Navy Strength rum

Smith and Cross Navy Strength

Jamaica | Gold

252 ratings
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252 Smith and Cross Navy Strength ratings

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Posted 2 months ago by Vince11881 from United States with 26 ratings

If you like Jamaican Funk, this is one of my favorite bottles! Delicious. Round sweet notes. Plenty of Haut Gaut in the back of your nose & throat. Some heat on your younger to remind you that it’s there. This is one of my top 5.


Posted 1 month ago by Openwheel11 from United States with 2 ratings

Great Funk without going overboard. If you are looking for a mainstream expression of the Funk, this is it. Tons of flavors, but the spirit makes you work to tease them out as you work through the bottle. A sipping rum with a splash of soda to cut down the alcohol burn, or make a classic cocktail. Truly a great value.

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Posted 2 months ago by Sidbabai from Italy with 9 ratings

It's a kick in the ass, but, if your mouth is ready (I mean, with no tastes in your tongue), and you let the time to your brain to understand what's happening, I think you can really enjoy it. It's not exactly my kind but I can't deny how good it is.


Posted 3 months ago by apgroner from Denmark with 4 ratings

As others have said, this rum punches you in the gut and throws rotten bananas in your face - and delivers the most complex and wonderful result to a grown up experienced enough to appreciate it. It turns a shaken piña colada into a banana flavored cocktail and paired with a high-end agricole, it delivers an elevated Mai Tai.

As for enjoying it on its own, I’m going to accept my limitations as a lover and admit that I need something a little less batship crazy.


Posted 3 months ago by TitoBandito from United States with 2 ratings

I’m new to this whole rum world, and I’m happy to have found this bottle in the beginning of my journey. I love high proof bourbons and honestly love this rum just as much.


Posted 4 months ago by mathiassen from Greenland with 3 ratings

Without being fully on par in regards to complexity with the far more expensive Jamaicans on the market, this bottle provides a great tasting experience within it's genre. Definitely worth a spot in your collection (and a refurbishment of your stock won't kill your budget once it is empty. Again.).

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Posted 6 months ago by geroji from United States with 26 ratings

Couldn’t have asked for more in a jamaican rum. Old bananas and tropical fruit, which come alive after letting it breath for a fee minutes and cube of ice.


Posted 7 months ago by A1Lexo from United States with 9 ratings

Yes, it is strong, but it is not harsh, nor is it acrid tasting the way a young scotch or mixing rum might taste. It is sophisticated and complex, and has a beautiful finish that is sweeter than I expected. Lot's of "funk" though less briny than Hampden. The funk here is fruity and spiced tasting. This rum is priced like a much poorer quality rum than it is. If you are interested in something "adult" and ever interesting, go here. This is definitely not for beginners, though.

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Posted 8 months ago by filipec from Czech Republic with 148 ratings

taste - 7.5/10
smell - 8/10
sweetness - 7/10
price/value rating - 8/10


Posted 11 months ago by vomi1011 from Germany with 352 ratings

Very good rum, better than Plantation OFTD, Eight Islands and Kill Devil Navy Strength.
The nose is great, very rich, intensive and fruity. No need to dilute it, it's perfect at 57% and still mild (this comment is not for beginners and sweet rum lovers).

The taste is not as balanced as the nose, backed apples are very intensive. I would mix some high ester Hampden inside. But it's also fruity without the high ester pineapple note and still delicious.
Very cheap btw, I paid just 25€ for the bottle of 0.7l and with 57% it has exceptionally good value. If you love strong and fruity rum, this is the best you can get for under 50€.
Would give this one 80 points.

Nose: backed apple, sweet and fruity with papaya, green banana, herbs/gras, pumpkin, caramel, honey
Taste initial: backed apple, honey, grasy notes
Taste middle: honey, some bitterness, dunder (ripe vegetables), citrus, spice
Finish: long, with spice, bitter notes and honey, backed apple again, some barrel
Aftertaste: very fruity, peppermint

Sweetness: 2.5/5
Fruity: 4/5
Spice: 2.5/5
Mildness: 3/5
Intensity: 4/5
Complexity: 4/5
Value (23€): +5/5
Experience level: professional

Experiment 1: just mixed a hint of my 9y Hampden DOK inside. I ruined the nose, got a lot of citrus but almost no pineapple, killed the grasy notes and the honey. But the taste became a beauty, much more balanced. Less dunder, more fruits.
I'm not satisfied with it. I'm going to try a <>H Hampden next time.

Experiment 2: just mixed a 17y Bristol Caroni 1998 inside. The nose bacame less fruity and dirty (earth and barrel). Still some papaya left.
The taste is again very good, the honey and dunder is still present but overall less fruity.
Not satisfied.

Experiment 3: I mixed a hint of Kill Devil Hampden C<>H 10y 64% inside. The dunder in the nose is gone, there is pineapple and citrus in the nose. Also some grasy notes and other fruits are left.
The taste is overhelmed by pineapple. The grasy notes are gone.
It's not bad, there is some malt in the aftertaste and the honey is also still in the taste. Good blend, strong and spicy. Very complex.
Better than pure Smith and Cross? Maybe, would rate it 83.

Experiment 4: Mixed with Hampden Estate 8 is the best combination. The dunder is almost gone the whole composition is the best one. It's balanced, fruity with malt in the aftertaste. Just a beautiful blend and a great Hampden. This is a 85 for me.


Posted 11 months ago by Jeremiah from United States with 1 rating

I am typically a Rye Bourbon drinker, but I do love to grab a bottle of rum from time to time. I’ve typically grabbed Plantation or El Dorado. This one is very strong and would suggest on ice if you plan to sip. Love the spicy fruity flavor. Needs some chill and a bit watered down from the ice to tame it. It’s 57% Alc, if you’re surprised it’s strong.... well that’s on you.