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Smith and Cross Navy Strength rum

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174 Smith and Cross Navy Strength ratings

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Posted about 3 years ago by Don from Canada with 131 ratings

Medium amber in colour; leading aromas of woodsmoke, caramel, citrus, tropical fruit and spice; hot on the palate with flavours of burnt sugar, spice, citrus peel and oak on the finish. $40 can. Sounds like a good deal but don't think that I will buy it again

Posted about 2 months ago by MerMama from United States with 22 ratings

This stuff is a funky kick in the pants which I recommend be invited to you next raid on the village.

Posted about 2 months ago by Stu from United States with 25 ratings

For me this is a little to much bite to sip on, but great for mixing in drinks that require navy strength

Posted 2 months ago by henrik pedersen from Denmark with 75 ratings

er lige kraftig/stærk nok til min smag. men er fantastisk i drinks, hvor rom skal dominerer.

Posted 3 months ago by kheiligh (PREMIUM) from United States with 30 ratings

This is our go to mixer for unaged Jamaican rums. It's a great bottle to keep on hand, useful in so many drinks. It's got the iconic Jamaican funkiness, but nothing overpowering, just enough to be noticeable in a drink

Posted 3 months ago by Djgross144 from United States with 29 ratings

This rum was recommended by a rum enthusiast at my local liquor store. Looking for a funky Jamaican rum to pair with an agricole for my Mai Tais. It fits the bill. Nice vanilla nose, but a bit harsh if neat. Just what I was looking for.

Posted 4 months ago by Hogo from United States with 4 ratings

No other rum does aged, funky Jamaican rum like Smith & Cross. It’s very funky yet very refined, smooth and balanced. It’s brand of funk is rich and ripe banana-like, not at all like a grassy agricole. It’s nicely aged but not caramely like a lot of other aged rums. This rum should cost a lot more than it does.

Posted 4 months ago by Steven Richardson from United Kingdom with 123 ratings

Good god. I’m not sure I can feel my tongue. No mistaking it’s Jamaican, which ain’t usually my bag, but heck it’s flavoursome.

Posted 5 months ago by khallmark from United States with 2 ratings

Thid is my go to rum for sipping... affordable and very drinkable.

Posted 5 months ago by Tom Traina from United States with 7 ratings

Found on a discount rack on my way to a camping trip. Really good find in retrospect. Shockingly smooth given its color in my personal experience. Proved to be a great mixer rum.

Posted 5 months ago by Rumdog from New Zealand with 10 ratings

Intense, well made and fully immersive experience.

Posted 6 months ago by jancewicz from Poland with 27 ratings

Classic rum taste (overripe bananas) with a lot of funk. Smells awesome. Definitely on a dry side but rich, fruity and complex. Not too harsh considering it's strength. Event quite smooth with a little burn. Extremely seductive. Very good straight.

Posted 7 months ago by MillerLite1231 from United States with 1 rating

Been hearing a lot about smith and cross for awhile now. Finally got myself a bottle. Really good stuff, made a great daiquiri

Posted 7 months ago by Loxias from Czech Republic with 154 ratings

It has hints of oak, smoke and some fruit. There is some jamaican funk and bit of pepper
Finish is pleasntly sweet.
I like it a lot

Posted 8 months ago by 69nl43 from France with 14 ratings

Première respiration, j'ai failli revendre la bouteille, odeur de pourri.
C'est mauvais mais y'a quelque chose putain.
Au bout de 3 dégustations en quelques jours, une tuerie, incroyable. Pour le prix de 30€ c'est très bien.
Du coing, de l'abricot sec. Des arômes en pagailles difficiles à définir mais connus. De l'amande amère. Et tjs ce nez étrange entre les fruits exotiques et la mangue pourrie.
Je garde mes 2 bouteilles !

Posted 9 months ago by thescarletibis from United States with 2 ratings

Put a banana in the freezer for a year. Then let it defrost. Add some hogo. There you go. Amazing.

Posted 12 months ago by Engwild from United States with 153 ratings

Bit hard to go through, pretty strong to deal with.

Posted 12 months ago by Mike Pooch from United States with 35 ratings

At first this seems too intense, but after having some tiki cocktails with it I found myself craving this funky hogo flavor, good with a nice simple lime, sugar, bitters cocktail, perhaps a 50/50 blend with El Dorado 12 could really surprise you! It’s high abv so don’t sip it, but give it a tiny sample to really understand what you are dealing with.

Posted about 1 year ago by Jaybird from United States with 47 ratings

Wow, right off it's a nose full of ethanol but when it breathes for a spell I get caramel, hints of cherry and is that apple I smell? Leather as well. A big ester profile here.
Taking a very small sip at room temp and letting it coat this is not near as harsh as some reviews let me to believe. Lightly sweet caramel with the alcohol burn. Some solvent-like quality but not overbearing. Don't get me wrong this is not an everyday neat sipper for most but the overall flavor is full, rounded and a bit funky. What you would expect from some of the funkier Jamaican rums. Kind of like Appleton Signature Blend on steroids.
Okay, I add an ice cube and swirl it. The nose opens up yet calms down a bit. Smoother and less aggressive. As it cools down the body seems to increase, the sweetness comes out a bit and the funkiness lessens. This isn't half bad as a sipper now. Not for the faint of heart but not out of the question if you want an ounce of big Jamaican punch (as in a strong hit) in the palate! Not unsurprisingly numbing on the tongue and in the mouth but it doesn't blow your buds all at once. The finish is long and rather smooth once the alcohol cools and it has the definite finish of the funky Jamaican fermentation flavors lingering for a bit. Less forward than I would have expected but in a very pleasant and positive way. The finish is drying.
I can see this being awesome in the Tiki arsenal and really contributing a great base rum flavor to almost any drink requiring an over proof, or even not requiring an over proof. Reduce the quantity a tad and this could be great in a lot of the Tiki staples, especially punches, Zombies and even in a Hurricane.
This rum turned out to be much better than I expected it to be neat and just based on the neat flavor and aromas I can see it being fantastic in cocktails. This is rated high for a reason. It's great! It's definitely one most should have on the shelf as one of the basic tools of the cocktail. I give it a solid 8. At $29 in Ohio it's getting into the upper range of a great mixing rum but as an over proof you typically use a bit less of it and not in as many recipes. A good value in my book.

Posted about 1 year ago by DoctorFong from United States with 9 ratings

Not as tasty as Pussers. Sure it’s strong, but tastes good. Not as flavorful as Pussers or OFTD. Certainly a fine blend leathery notes. Blends very nicely though when you need something more subtle than Pussers

Posted about 1 year ago by narc714 from United States with 49 ratings

You have to like the Pot style distillation to enjoy Jamaican Rums.
This is one of the better.
Excellent quality.
Add a few drops of water and let stand a few minutes to really open it up.

Posted about 1 year ago by SickBoy82 from United States with 23 ratings

This is truly the quintessential Jamaican rum for mixing up a classic Mai Tai cocktail. A blend based on the pot still produced navy rum recipes of colonial Jamaica. 114 proof with the "hogo" you'd expect from the esthers.

Posted about 1 year ago by Smovens from United States with 87 ratings

Extremely solid overproof Jamaican with a bit more oak and heft than a Wray and nephew. Still aggressive enough to be great but tamed with other flavors. Just needs slightly more complexity

Posted about 1 year ago by lprgcfrank from United States with 20 ratings

If this was scotch I’d call it peaty... like an islay malt. Sinus clearing.

Posted about 1 year ago by Pakala from United States with 2 ratings

I tried this rum at a restaurant in Honolulu. I've been getting into sipping rums...only the affordable ones tho...and low and behold, the restaurant one! FYI - Hawaii restaurants are behind the ball in stocking decent gold rums. S&C had a subtle slightly different taste that I found exceptional. Hard to describe. I recommend trying it. If you're in Hawaii, go to Roy Yamaguchi's GOEN restaurant in Kailua (Oahu) for a sample.