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Smith and Cross Navy Strength rum

Smith and Cross Navy Strength

Jamaica | Gold

7.5/10 (205 ratings)
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205 Smith and Cross Navy Strength ratings

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Posted 7 days ago by filipec from Czech Republic with 60 ratings

taste - 7.5/10
smell - 7.5/10
sweetness - 7/10
price/value rating - 9/10


Posted 18 days ago by DougDoesNotCare from United States with 38 ratings

I like HOGO and I like funk. This gets the job done and brings that tropical note to anything it touches. Definitely one of the best out there, especially at the price-point.


Posted 20 days ago by CaptainGreen (PREMIUM) from United States with 53 ratings

Scupper, sink, and burn me! This be a fierce rum! Fiercer than raw pork on an unsuspectin' crew member's guts. Fiercer than gettin' a kick to the forward anchor by an angry wench wearin' pointy boots. You get the idea... savvy? On the nose, this rum be sweet. Not syrupy sweet. Not "oh please let me sail with you; i'll do anythin' to sail with you" sweet. A good sweet that be nowhere near dry. There also be oak and bananas. OLD bananas, like the kind with the vapors that bring a tear to your eye from rottin' in the sun for weeks. Not OLD bananas like Stumpy the Cook who be in desperate need of a bath. There be other fruit smells, maybe a bit of flowery smell, spices, and of course, alcohol - which is why we be drinkin' "Ol' Stinkfist" to begin with! As for taste, she be not as sweet, but still a bit sweet, like burned sugar. There be a bit of oak and fruit, but the spices come on strong in the finish. This rum be smooth with a great body and a considerable burn. The burn goes away after a few... but by that point, you'll be three sheets to the wind. You won't care that you can't feel your face. You won't care that you introduced your best crew member to the sharks. You won't care about that kick to the forward anchor. You won't care that you voted against yourself for new captain. You just won't. Now, might this be a sippin' rum? The better question might be "Might you be a REAL pirate?"


Posted about 1 month ago by Jimechsbu99 from United States with 5 ratings

This is a one of the stronger smelling rums that I have ever tasted. It has a very bold taste.


Posted about 1 month ago by nickprice from Netherlands with 17 ratings

Well this is a pretty fierce. It’s super tasty just needs easing back a bit. To the nose it’s smokey, wood chips and caramel. Kinda bbq. Tasting is like... oooh wooooow. The flavour just blooms in you mouth. Heavy funk with a bit of sweetness and a pleasing heat (rather than straight up burn). It’s excellent stuff. Mixes really nicely in a range of cocktails as well.


Posted about 2 months ago by pula_pirata from Australia with 21 ratings

Finally got to try it in a local tiki bar and wow! That’s the most awesome rum I’ve tried so far. It is a explosion of aromas and flavours, just sensational. Banana is the star of the show along with other earthy notes. And What is even more incredible, it that it is so smooth for a navy rum I had it neat with a smile in my face. I need a bottle now!


Posted 2 months ago by lord13 from United States with 11 ratings

A bit much for me in a rum old fashioned but is a great part of a Mai Tai blend.


Posted 2 months ago by HotSpicyDisco (PREMIUM) from United States with 18 ratings


Perfect for adding that little bit of funk to your Mai Tai.


Posted 2 months ago by btmg88 from United States with 8 ratings

If you have ever caught yourself thinking "Do I smell good cheese or sunstruck dumpster?" and you are excited to try the cheese- Smith and Cross is for you.

Hot ethanol dominates the aroma, but gives way a certain Chamoy character. Smokey, roasted papaya and passion fruit along with ethanol comprise the palate.

I enjoy this rum over ice. It makes a truly impeccable Mai Tai. I should try this in a Zombie.


Posted 2 months ago by blowpez from United States with 19 ratings

Kept trying rums classified as just having "a little bit of funk" (Coruba Dark, Plantation 3 star, etc.) and found myself wanting a bit more. Decided to finally bite the bullet on S&C to see if I truly was a fan of the funk. In short, I am. This rum is a game changer. It adds a whole new element to tiki cocktails and I'm hooked. I reserve 9 ratings for the neat sippers (haven't found the holy grail 10 yet) but this is on the very high end of ratings for a mixing rum. Think I will permanently keep this stocked from now on.