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Smith and Cross Navy Strength rum

Smith and Cross Navy Strength

Jamaica | Gold

242 ratings
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242 Smith and Cross Navy Strength ratings

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Posted 5 days ago by lholz13 from United States with 27 ratings

Not my favorite. I am sorry to all the fans who highly recommend this. I plan to revisit this review (if I can...)


Posted 7 days ago by Simon_W from Switzerland with 32 ratings

An example of the typical funky Wedderburn style. Only lightly aged, but very aromatic nonetheless. The colour is fake, but forget about it, it's the aroma and flavour that matter. And these are really nice in this case, almost perfect. What stands out against similar rums of this style is the navy strength of this Smith & cross. You can drown it in cola and it's still very funky and aromatic.

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Posted 12 days ago by Montana from Germany with 40 ratings

A strong fruity smell, oily, alcoholic, sweet. The taste is dark and heavy, light fruity and sweet, some wood.
A nice strong one.

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Posted 19 days ago by Just 2thetop from Germany with 18 ratings

Yes its a funky Jamaican there is no doubt
For me a few drops of water to take it down to say 50% opens it up nicely as a sipper
Surely at 27EUR Germany it's a steal compared to distillery bottles or Velier
But you don"t get the aged barrel influence here. A great spirit driven taste experience!


Posted 29 days ago by Harrie from Netherlands with 77 ratings

A pure pot still distillate that stands on its own. One of the most tasteful rums you can come across and together with the ABV of 57% it will get your attention! Nosing this will give you a hint of what to expect; rotten bananas, napalm orange and about every other fruit in various stages of decay are present. Doesn't sound good, but it sure smells good!

Describing the flavours on the palate is a bit tricky as it is so packed with different aromas it is hard to get them all; when you focus on one specific part of the taste six others come rushing by in an instant. So I won't even try and just say it is very present, very fruity and very bold. Don't let the navy strenght fool you; this is not a navy style rum, it is just bottled at a gunpowder proof ABV.

Don't be a fool and start with this as your first rum as it might scare you off forever but once you are a bit used to dry and high-ester rums you simply must try this fellow. Don't be afraid for it as in the end it is a rather mellow spirit, despite the 57% and the strong and bold flavours.

An extra mark for Smith & Cross because they have the guts to put this remarkable rum in this form and at this price on the market!

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Posted 1 month ago by Jimmy Cliff (PREMIUM) from United States with 274 ratings

This rum blew me away, what a nice balance of strength, Hogo, ripe bananas... from other reviews I expected to be unbearable neat, but maybe I’m a masochist it works for me. Trying classic rum punch cocktail now, a great addition to my bar for drinkers that go beyond Diplomatico, Zacapa, and ElDorado.


Posted 1 month ago by apgroner from Denmark with 4 ratings

As others have said, this rum punches you in the gut and throws rotten bananas in your face - and delivers the most complex and wonderful result to a grown up experienced enough to appreciate it. It turns a shaken piña colada into a banana flavored cocktail and paired with a high-end agricole, it delivers an elevated Mai Tai.

As for enjoying it on its own, I’m going to accept my limitations as a lover and admit that I need something a little less batship crazy.


Posted 1 month ago by TitoBandito from United States with 2 ratings

I’m new to this whole rum world, and I’m happy to have found this bottle in the beginning of my journey. I love high proof bourbons and honestly love this rum just as much.


Posted 1 month ago by Shandyman from United States with 5 ratings

Like a punch in the face. Cannot drink this sucker straight, but I keep trying.


Posted 1 month ago by NCC71201 from Germany with 3 ratings

This one has a good demerara like flavor to it and goes very well in the cocktails I make.