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Wigle Dunder rum

Wigle Dunder

United States | Gold

Wigle Dunder rum, a pot-distilled, blackstrap and baking molasses-based rum that’s fermented with dunder and aged one year in oak barrels before it’s bottled at 80 proof. The distillery made its starter culture of dunder by fermenting a mixture of molasses and cheese enzymes for several months. They then added that mixture to a fermentation of the base ingredients for the rum.

via American Rum Report

6.0/10 (2 ratings)
Tasty, but not quite great


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Posted 2 months ago by DougDoesNotCare from United States with 38 ratings

This doesn't reach the depth of funk that true Jamaican rum does, but it's good for what it is; a love letter to dunder made in a sustainable way in Pittsburgh.


Posted 11 months ago by beeporama (PREMIUM) from United States with 23 ratings

Wigle is a Pittsburgh-based distillery that specializes in whisky, but makes a fine assortment of other spirits, mixers, bitters... frankly their genever-style gin is one of my two favorite, so I figured maybe they'd nailed rum, too.

It's young (no age statement) and tastes it. Lots of burn, so I let it open for a while, but there was still a fair bit of fire. Lots of wood, but not as much funk as I'd hope for from something with "Dunder" in the name. (With "Dunder" as THE name, even.) Earthy. Perhaps the "terroir" of being born in a small whisky-focused distillery. A bit of citrus and asiago on the nose.

Probably good for cocktails, which I'll admit I didn't try, but not a sipper. If you're in PA, especially Pittsburgh... worth a try, but don't judge the distillery based on this one.