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Medium siesta key gold rum

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9 Siesta Key Gold ratings

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A delightful sipping/mixing rum, carefully distilled in my hometown by a family that takes pride in its product. Well-rounded, somewhat satiny on the palate with a delightful finish that combines nutty flavors with a vanilla-y nose. Great value at the price.

This is a rum with a nice golden color. Oak and vanilla stand out. This is an easy sipper.

Very good $25 rum. Others may rate slightly higher, but this is a solid performer at that price point. Enjoy!

Smells and tastes of oak, vanilla, and sugar cane. Simple, but good. Perfect at 40%abv.

This rum is a gorgeous amber color. A nice soft sweet smell in the bottle. Its flavor is well balanced. I detect hints of butterscotch and vanilla. The burn is rather mild making it a smooth rum with no bitter or unpleasant aftertaste. The butterscotch and vanilla both remain present. This would make a very good sipping rum as well as a mixer. I can see why this Sarasota, Florida based company is winning so many awards. Quality rum for a bargain price. This is a small-batch rum so if you run across some in a store, I strongly suggest you buy it immediately because that store will have a difficult time restocking it anytime soon. The demand is high.

Fairly smooth rum. Not quite for sipping on the rocks, but good with a splash of a mixer.

i wished I had known about this rum when I was in the area. I would have loved to have visited their distillery. I enjoyed the gold on the rocks and with ginger ale

Not a bad small distillery rum. Not straight up rum but adds great flavor to a rum and coke.

Troy is a great guy and distiller. All of his products are good, good rum. Now Florida is allowing the craft distilleries to conduct tours finally. Very highly recommended.