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Velier 2005 Royal Navy Tiger Shark 14-Year rum

Velier 2005 Royal Navy Tiger Shark 14-Year

Italy | Overproof

17 ratings
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17 Velier 2005 Royal Navy Tiger Shark 14-Year ratings

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Posted 10 months ago by vomi1011 from Germany with 365 ratings

Uhhh yes, Worthy Park and Demerara is clearly the combination here. Some heavy aromas from Guyana and fruity flavors from Jamaica.

The nose starts with honey, molasses, sage/herbs (the dilicios combination of Guyana flavors). To make this perfect there are fruity notes of WP, orange, banana, apples with wood.
Also heavy notes of leather and Demerara wood with earh. This is a truly good nose.
The flavors are very shaped and clear, no doubt that it's a WP/Demerara blend.

The taste starts with caramel notes and WP fruits. The start belongs to Demerara and WP.

In the middle I get Demerara flavors of molasses, honey, mint and other herbs. Quite heavy and dark body, after the bright start it's a very beautiful development.
The finish starts with spice, citrus and dry orange peels. Your mouth gets dry, you get great WP oranges with anise finish. This is clearly a high end rum finish.
The aftertaste is dominated by WP with Demerara flavors at the end. It's the logical continuation of the finish with a lot of mint.
The WP has the most part of the taste, but in the middle and in the aftertaste there are also Demerara flavors.
In comparison to Velier Navy Old Rum, the Tiger Shark is much more interesting. The old navy has a bitter wood note from the Caroni cask that distrubs the other flavors from the beginning. There is also a Caroni coating over all flavors.
I would prefer the Tiger Shark, because I know better Caronis than Velier Old Navy Rum, but I don't know better WP/Demerara blends.
It's is a great blend and a very good navy rum, by far the best I ever tried except the Black Tot 50. 91 points.

Nose: honey, molasses, sage/herbs, dry orange, apples, pencil shavings, pickles (a slightl sour note), caramel, wood/earth, vanilla, oil
Taste initial: caramel, dry orang peels, honey, Demerara wood with tannins, leather
Middle: molasses (salt), herbs/sage, mint, honey, wood/tannins, orange peels, anise, leather
Finish: spice, citrus, astringend mouth feel, dry orange peels, anise
Aftertaste: like WPM 2009, fruity, mint, leather, oranges, honey and molasses

Sweetness: 2/5
Fruits: 3.5/5
Spice: 3.5/5
Mildness: 3/5
Complexity: 4.5/5
Value (125€): 4/5

See also thefatrumpirate:


Posted 1 month ago by kudzey (TASTING CLUB) from Poland with 25 ratings

I camped hard on catawiki for several weeks and finally got this rum for 80 EUR.

The aroma is very rich and intense, starting with walnuts, citruses and nail polish remover, which is then followed by earthy and fruity notes. After some time the industrial notes take lead i.e., petrol, oli, metal, leather, burnt tires and dust, which are probably coming from the Caroni component. Eventually, some grassy notes appeared, bringing to mind mint, lemongrass, asparagus and onion. Adding water allowed to sense sweeter notes: caramel, toffee, burnt sugar and molasses, together with some sourness.

I let another sample breathe for 5 hours, which caused the DDL's aromas to dominate, mainly honey and oak, with a solid dose of petrol, tires and dust. Ultimately, adding several drops of water made the rum smell like an old sofa.

In the mouth, the initial spiciness caused by high ABV does not last too long and is accompanied and gradually substituted by notes of copper, minerals, red fruits, citrus and honey. Demerara molasses is clearly distinguishable, bringing to mind Pusser's Blue Label. Eventually, the industrial taste of Caroni appears, together with sourness and toasted wood later on. Adding water brought sweeter tastes on the top, with more molasses and honey.

The sample that breathed for 5 hours was definitely more industrial in taste, with much leather, wood, rubber and also molasses. Adding water made this rum drier, with wood and honey taste.

The rum is pleasantly warming and the leather, copper and metal come back in the aftertaste to stay for long, followed by the taste of blood and highly mineralized water.

Tasting this rum was a great experience and inviting to try more industrial-tasting cask-strength classics. Caroni is defenetely on my way

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Posted 9 months ago by VikingXO from Denmark with 152 ratings

Absolute fantastic nose. It really wants to come up from the glass. Strong and heavy nose with a very well balanced licorice taste among canation and chocolate. A pot still with full bodied and complex. 2nd release does not disappoint at all !.!.!

Edit: Probably the best ever tasted !!!


Posted 10 months ago by IBO from Slovakia with 170 ratings

Pred ochutnanim som mal rešpekt,no úplne zbytočne. Rum som nalial a nechal ho trošku sa otvoriť, bola ho plná izba a tá vôňa je úžasná, dokonca ho cítiť i na druhý deň ráno v prázdnom poháriku.
Chuť je ako explózia, od citrusov, zeme, drevitosti az po sladké tóny,skutočne dlhý záver.
Očaril ma a zaradil sa medzi moje najobľúbenejšie


Posted 1 year ago by martin jeppesen from Denmark with 249 ratings

Velier's second royal navy expression, consisting of rum from worthy park and demerara distillers. Average age of 14 years and weighing in at 57,18%vol. Since I'm a big fan of both jamaican and guyaneese rum, this is a bottle I've been looking forward to.
The rum has a deep orange, amber tinge and the nose is intoxicating and bold. Fruity notes of blackcurrant and prunes mingle with raisins, chocolate, black tea, hints of iodine, caramel and old wood. It's very deep. As it rests in the glass, liquorice also emerges, reminding me a lot of port mourant, which I absolutely love.
The taste evolves very rapidly in the mouth. The 57,18%vol is well tempered and just seem to add to the intensity of the rich flavours. Initially there's some sweeter notes of raisins, prunes and chocolate, which balance out the more heavy, tarry mid palate notes of tobacco, leather, liquorice and slightly charred barrel. This is a very rich, balanced rum.
The finish keeps at it for a long time with cloves and raisins.
It's not stated which demerara stills was used in this blend, but to me It feels a bit like a tasty, heavy port mourant, perhaps also diamond, evened out by the sweeter and more fruity jamaican rum. It works
A handful of medium ratings for this rum based on a sip at a festival seems to me, is kinda disrespecting to an amazing blend. If you feel like rating rum as complex as this, It really deserves time and repeated tasting sessions. I write this mostly because the mediocre scores really does no justice to this pearl. Anyone that loves velier, should know that this is among his better bottles, displaying an exceptionally flavourful and balanced blend. Highly recommended.

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Posted 10 months ago by MaartenVL from Belgium with 33 ratings

Drunk this one for free in restaurant Terazza Boquet in Sorrento, Italy. Great, strong rum for every experienced rumdrinker. Amazing nose and even better taste. Enjoy!

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Posted 4 months ago by filipec from Czech Republic with 155 ratings

taste - 8.5/10
smell - 10/10
sweetness - 6.5/10
price/value rating - 5.5/10

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Posted 8 months ago by Jirka23689 (PREMIUM) from Czech Republic with 170 ratings

Naprosto originální chuť. Citrus, ovoce, dřevo a čokoláda s vyšší voltazi. Bez přidaného cukru.


Posted 6 months ago by Francois from France with 106 ratings

I thought it would be even sweeter so that was a relief but problem I thought it would have some more flavor, very flat..


Posted 9 months ago by pula_pirata from Australia with 25 ratings

This rum is on another level, really powerful. The initial nose is clearly Demerara but soon enough the Jamaican esters takes over and dominates. On the palate I get raisins, oak, vanilla, tabaco and leather at the end lingering with a strong burn but bearable. You have to sip this rum really carefully and graciously. Not for beginners or faint of heart for sure. A truly special rum for real rum lovers.