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Doorly's 14-Year rum

Doorly's 14-Year

Barbados | Aged

30 ratings
Now this is some good stuff


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30 Doorly's 14-Year ratings

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Posted over 1 year ago by Kieron wood (PREMIUM) from United Kingdom with 484 ratings

Caribbean rum at its finest .RL seale you rock my world , a depth on the nose of oak and cask rum . Flavours on sipping starting with a light caramel then going to full oak caks taste ... If I could fill a bar with rum this certainly has to be there


Posted 10 months ago by Kamamura from Czech Republic with 31 ratings

The bottle is very attractive, the saturated colors of the parrot motif invoke the atmosphere of tropical nature, Caribbean, warm weather and bright sun. The shape of the bottle is old-school, squat, curvy, topped with artificial cork embedded in plastic (no problem for me, there is not enough genuine cork for all the booze in the world).

The aroma originally is very muted, distant, dominated by a focused sweet note - candied apples, marmalade, canned pumpkin, after adding a bit of water (the rum is bottled at 48 percent), the aroma slowly unfolds with more acrid, acidic notes of soft wood.

On the palate, the entry is surprisingly, but delicately sweet (knowing Mr. Seale's production and attitude towards additives, I expect an austere, bone dry experience), but now, sweetness continues to develop along the toffee, milky, caramel lines towards a slightly bitter, woody finish, but much less bitter than one would expect after full 14 years of tropical aging. You will find no traces of those "teabags left in too long" ultra bitter tones of low quality rums, these are no tired casks with just bitter tannins left after years and years of abuse, but obviously an expertly selected vessels that imparted rather delicious gifts during their contact with the distillate.

The finish is warming, long, delicate, only slightly astringent and bitter, but almost feminine and soft in intensity.

Overall, this rum is a rather pleasant surprise, and after clicking between 9 and 10, back and forth, yes, I am giving it 10 finally - I usually give 10 only to rums that brings something original to the table, which IMO is not the case here, but this rum is exceptionally well-made, and I have to respect that.

Jolly well done!

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Posted 5 months ago by Michal Ernest from Czech Republic with 55 ratings

Zajímavý chuťově i vůní. Nevím jak jej přesně charakterizovat, chutná mi docela dost, ale přece jen XO 40% je pro mne jemnější a chutnější. Snad se to obrátí a tento mi bude chutnat více.


Posted 9 months ago by matiapag from Slovakia with 7 ratings

If you know Foursquare, you know you won't find anything overly sweet in their portfolio. However, sometimes the dry oaky elements tend to negate the smoothness that should be a part of rums this age. However, Doorly's 14 is something completely different. It's one of the smoothest dry rums I have ever tried. If you don't like sweet rums, but you are intimidated by the harshness of some dry oaky rums, this one is deffinitely for you. You can even find some cocoa notes in there, which just underlines the whole profile. Amazing!

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Posted 4 months ago by Pirate from Greece with 30 ratings

I finally managed to fetch myself this nice little treasure! Cost me a bit more (98 euros total pricing), but now that i am savoring the thing, it was actually well-worth it! The box is craftily designed and highly original. Color of the liquid is magnificent and eye-catching. The smell is deep, clean and subtle, not strong, but very pleasing nonetheless, refined and sophisticated. The texture feels extremely smooth, velvety, without harshness, despite the high alcohol percentage. It goes down merrily, simply feels great to drink! Warms your throat inside out and while exhaling, a unique feeling of euphoria overcomes you, momentarily dominating your senses! The lingering aftertaste is outstanding and remains for quite some time post your sip, filling your mouth with an unparalleled, blissful sensation! This is a real winner and absolutely fabulous! Highly recommended! Special thanks are in order, to the people who insisted for me to buy this one first, before the other rums in my list!!!


Posted 2 months ago by Per71 from Sweden with 60 ratings

Smooth rich flavor, with orange , vanilla and oak.
Smells wonderful...
Great one !


Posted 2 months ago by František Pavelka from Czech Republic with 46 ratings

Doorly’s 14 je tedy dalším papouškem v řadě rumů, nesoucí jméno Martina Doorlyho, který s předky Richarda Sealeho blízce spolupracoval a proto po něm je i pojmenována nejen stáčírna palírny
Chuť lehce sladká, je cítit sud a kořenité tóny. Závěr je silný , dlouhý a s nádechem ovoce. Tento rum mě baví.


Posted 3 months ago by Francois from France with 106 ratings

One of the very best in its price range.
Very round, and crazy length.
Fruity nose but then a more oak/vanilla mouth, super easy to enjoy, hard not to take another glass


Posted over 1 year ago by Charles M from United Kingdom with 139 ratings

Utterly brilliant.

The nose has wonderful full oak on it, coupled with spices and a hint of cedar. I do like what American oak gives to a rum.

The thing that struck me most was how unctuous the rum was in the mouth. It filled it with velvety smooth rum, that seems so much thicker and more viscous than the 12yo. Again the American oak shines through, which is what I really like in a rum.

The 48% is smooth as, and a really well judged bottling strength.

I did decide to compare with the 12yo. Straight after the 14yo it is unsurprisingly a disappointment. Still nice, and at 40% is an easy drinker, but the 14yo is so much more. What I would like to try is the 12yo at 48%. I think 40% does it an injustice.


Posted 17 days ago by Jobplis from Spain with 5 ratings

A great blend of pot and column still rum, aged to a minimum of 14 years no sugar or color added.
It's great to see some of the industry moving towards unadulterated rums specifying in the bottle exactly whats the minimum age of the rum.
Molasses-based, with a great aroma, really complex and a strong long finish, a bit of spice, and leaning towards more of a dry rum which I love.
Great rum altogether.