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Mix your Santa Teresa Anejo with Coke and you get a pretty decent drink. Better yet, go straight to the much smoother Santa Teresa 1796 and you will get a pleasurable neat sipper.

Not a very good choice. You can smell a lot of alcohol in the glass and the taste is the same. A bit agressive. I wouldn't take this one again

A bit rough compared to it's beautiful label mare. Worth the price though

it depends of the price you bought it...good rum to mix with cola

Compared to its competitors it is a loser rum. It burns and taste alcohol so mixing it is needed. Not to drink straight.

It's not bad for a bottom shelf golden rum, but the price is double.


This rum has a nice dark gold colour, with only a minor alcohol smell. Pretty harsh tasting on it's own, however it makes a decent Rum & Cola... Providing some depth without any harshness.

Spirity nose. Medium bodied. Not hugely fruity. Alcohol gives a nice kick. Every now and then it makes a change.The spirit is offset somewhat by the gentle oak. But at the lower end of things, it doesn't match Chairman's Reserve or 1919. Nothing particularly wrong with it, but a little unexciting and might be better as a mixer, although perfectly drinkable straight up

Santa Teresa Añejo je další reprezentant Venezuely v kategorii rumů. Některé české e-shopy ho prodávají jako Santa Teresa Gran Reserva, samotný výrobce ho však nazývá Añejo, proto se držím tohoto názvu. Prodává se většinou za cenu něco málo přes 400 korun.
Zraje metodou solera od dvou do pěti let v dubových sudech.
Už jen to, že ho samotný výrobce předurčuje jako ideální do koktejlů, by mělo každého milovníka kvalitního pití varovat, toto se většinou u skvělých a vyzrálých rumů nepíše.
Je to už delší čas, co jsem se rozhodl ho koupit, a body ani zápisky jsem v té době ještě nevedl, ale mohu ho zhruba hodnotit stejně jako zde už představený nikaragujský Flor de Caňa 7y. Společně s ním ho mám zařazen v kategorii "nechutnal". Pamatuji si, že byl plochý a ničím výjimečný, spíše lehký, málo vyzrálý.
Bodově by se pravděpodobně pohyboval někde mezi 65-75/100, a protože mé poznámky chybí, napíšu aspoň, jak ho hodnotí výrobce nebo prodejci.
Oplývá typickou jemnou vůní a harmonickou chutí. Je výborný samotný nebo v premiových míchaných nápojích.
Zabarvení je jasně žluté, naznačující lehké aroma, které se chová velmi opatrně. Je plné příjemných vůní s tóny dřeva. Chuť je hladká, jemně ovocná, s přetrvávající koncovkou.

Myslím, že tohle nebyly nejlépe investované peníze, při ceně, za jakou se dají sehnat mnohem vyzrálejší rumy, je lepší si 200 korun přidat a investovat je do vyšší kvality.

...but tastes great in a rum & coke. It’s a good value for a mixer but don’t expect much more than that.

Was expecting something built on the 1796, as it’s aged longer... it’s got more sweetness (it’s still not sweeeet) and flavour from spending longer in wood I suppose, but lost some of the light complexity in return for a little more weight and body in flavour.

I had the chance today to either replace my bottle of 1796 that lasted for five months or choose this cheaper little brother that I had never tried. When it came to $18 versus $44, this one won out and I just had to find out for myself if it is really as bad as many of the reviews say. For being only a few more dollars more than bottom shelf rums like Bacardi or Captain Morgan but having the Santa Teresa name, I figured that I could not lose.

It's dry. It burns slightly. It is very young. Is it horrible? Not really. It tastes like it was distilled a few hours ago and then had wood chips added for a couple of more hours. Somehow, it is smooth. It is by no means rot gut. For those on a tight budget and trying to break away from Bacardi and Captain Morgan, this rum was meant for you as your entry into the world of great rum distillers. However, it's older brother 1796 is definitely worth the extra money, but the two cannot even be compared except that both have the trademark Venezuelan quality. This one is also so cheap that one will never feel guilty about using it as a mixer or on the rocks, but neat just does not cut it. Since it is dry, feel free to tie one on and probably have no penalty the next day. It certainly tastes better than Don Q Cristal, which is the ultimate penalty free rum for getting drunk on.

Parfait pour un rhum n coke, ce rhum n'a rien de mieux à offrir

Otherwise don't bother. Slightly higher price for what you get. Better available for 20 quid out there

Very alcoholic and aggressive. Poor taste. Never again.

This is a pleasant mixer with coke and a slice of lime

Skúšal som si ho dať samotný, ale skoro mi oči vypadli. Príliš veľa alkoholu aj v nose, aj v ústach. Samotný len ako núdzové riešenie. Je tak maximálne dobrý ako malé vylepšenie Coly, ale fakt len malé. Na druhej strane, za takúto cenu sa nedá ani nedá nič viac očakávať. Ani neviem, kde som túto fľašu vyhrabal...=)


Light amber, young rum that has little in common with it's older, much better, 1796 rum. This rum is aged to bring out some characteristics of a better rum but cut short to really allow this to be anything but a mid line mixer.

I must collect something, else i get crazy, so why not Rum?

The long legs give a hint to the sweet molasses start and the "aged up to 5 years" gives a hint to the rather astringent finish.

Really not good to have it simple, neither on ice.

Nicht gerade viel für einen Anejo, aber zum mixen taugt es.
In der Nase eher stechend.
Im Gaumen auch nicht gerade lieblich, etwas Vanille und Toffee.
Im Abgang ... etwas wie Brennsprit.

Not just much for an anejo, but to mix it's ok.
In the nose rather stinging pain.
In the palate awful, some vanilla and toffee.
The finish ... something like clenser.

Senza infamia e senza lode, rum commerciale, giusto mezzo gradino sopra i classici rum da mix.

Für diesen Preis kann man sich natürlich wirklich nicht viel erwarten