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Medium santa teresa 1796 rum

Santa Teresa 1796 rum is produced in Venezuela and aged using the solera system that blends rums aged between 4 and 35 years. Before bottling, the rum is aged for a further year in large French oak casks to marry the blends.

This rum was first created in 1996 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the establishment of the distillery, the Santa Teresa Hacienda.

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Santa Teresa gives you a very smooth and yet rich flavor! You can drink straight or on the rocks ... it is my first choice for Mojitos. It is well aged using best practices and blending methods with excellent aroma and texture. The entire family of rums provides a variety for different tastes and occasions--especially the "Ron Antiguo"
"Lovers of a deep, rich rum will savor the aromas of caramel, honey, walnut, and oak while flavors of toffee, mocha, and coconut come through cleanly. Those that honor tradition will appreciate the old-school labeling on the bottle and canister."

Like ambrosia from the gods, I suddenly realized the Santa Teresa 1796 is the most amazing legal substance of the twentieth century..... 30 dollars is the cheapest price ever. I brought some with me 407 923 4397

The best rum around. The way the rum should be. This is a rum that rank with others at half the price.

I received this as a gift and it evaporated so quickly I immediately replaced it and then again.

It's perfect blend for on the rocks or lite splash !!!

Not as full-on flavoured as say Diplomatico Reserva, but the flavour comes more in the form of subtly sweet okay notes, and might be one of the most easy to drink rums I've had. Has absolutely no afterburn and is exceptionally smooth, if it was cheaper I could easily see myself necking most of a bottle in a night.

Trošku menej sladký ako diplomatico, ale inak sa naň veľmi podobá. Naozaj skvelý rum.

I have drunk this rum for the last 25 years since I have been working in South America. It tastes like a top quality cognac, only smoother. For sipping, I consider this the ideal. Some rum lovers would probably say it is a "girl's rum" since the solar process makes it much smoother than Mount Gay XO. For mixing I would prefer the Mount Gay. The Santa Teresa you should drink pure and no ice. I recommend a cognac glass. This rum has been hard to get lately due to the political situation in Venezuela but seem to become available again.

This sweet venezuelian rum is just fantastic. The smooth taste of it is similar to the Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva. A great rum!

I love this rum...!! one of the best you will ever get...!!

This rum has everything that a good rum sipper should have. It starts with some stone fruits and caramel notes but finishing dry and long. The solera gives it some extra depth in character and you can easily compare it with a great cognac or brandy de Jerez. Great value and for the more advanced palate.

Tento rum jsem před pár měsíci objevil na fotkách na Instagramu. Už tehdy mě zaujal svým nádherným zpracováním a tak jsem se rozhodlo něm zjistit více. Nejdříve jsem shlédl recenze a nakonec jsem se přemluvil ke koupě jedné láhve.
Vzhled: Rum je stáčen do lahve, která svým tvarem spíše více připomíná víno než rum. Jde vidět, že si na designu dával někdo záležet. Jak u tuby, tak přímo u láhve. Tuba je vyrobena z matného modrého kartonu a ozdobená stejnou etiketou jako je lahev, elegantně je doplněna rudou stužkou, která je zapečetěna pečetí haciendy. Víko tuby je až velmi silný držák což beru jako velkou výhodu, i přes to, že jsem si na něm malém vylámal už několikrát nehty.
Co se týče láhve, má krásné zepečetěne hrdlo rudým voskem a etiketu z bílého matného papíru, na kterém je náčrt haciendy. Člověk při držení této láhve nabývá dojmu, že drží lahev nějaké rodinné palírny co si dává speciálně záležet na každém kousku. Což mi dá víc než jakákoli přehnaně zdobená rádobi exkluzívní lahev. Jediné mínus je plastový špunt místo tradičního korku.

Vůně: především silné aroma dřeva a kůže. Poté náznaky karamelu, medu, kakaa a kávy.

Chuť: Silná chuť nugátu a melasy. Rum je méně sladký jak většina ostatní produkce.
Po převalování se odkrývají chutě hořké čokolády a kávy. Nakonec před polknutím jemna dřevěná hořkost s náznaky citrusové horkosti. (Spíše něco jako pomelo, ne grep)

Zakončení: Dlouho přetrvávající kakaová hořkost a pepřová štiplavost na jazyku.

Zhodnocení: Jeden z nejlepších dostupných rumů u nás. U mě musí být vždy v dostatečném množství. Není to rum pro slečinky, ani to není optimální kandidát, který bych zvolil pro párování s mými doutníky (až na tři kousky, ke kterým se krásně hodí). Na to je málo sladký. Ale na takové to popíjení s kouskem kvalitní hořké čokolády (nejlépe 85-92% kakaa) je to ta nejlepší možná volba. Je to takový horký a jemně nasládlý spiced rum za velmi dobrou cenu (1025 Kč).
U mě má 95/100


This is absolutely one of the best runs I've had. Great flavors, extremely smooth, not even the slightest bit of burn. I HIGHLY recommend this one to any that want a full flavored rum.

while other Venezuelan rums have suffered quality issues (not surprisingly), ST1796 has maintained its credentials as a super, additive-free rum drinker's rum.

Santa Teresa is an interesting rum. It’s a bit dry but has just enough sweetness so there’s no mistaking it for a whiskey. It leads with honey and butterscotch. There is just enough oak but it doesn’t overpower. It’s got fruit notes (apricots???). It’s also super smooth. This goes to the top shelf. I’m able to find it for under $40 as well. I’d prefer Santa Teresa 1796 to many rums costing over $75.

This was one of my first favorite premium rums, and still is one my favorites today. This is an amazing sipper rum and also mixes well if you want to build an extra premium, high grade rum cocktail. It's truly an all-around versatile rum that most people will like and can be used in a variety of ways. It packs a punch but has an incredible, complex, and enjoyable flavor profile. It's also priced right and I can generally find bottles for around $50US. I try to always have this on hand in my rum cabinet, it's a sure crowd pleaser!

Für mich einer der besten Rums.
Vollmundig, würzig, mild und wenig süß.

Smooth, not too sweet and wonderful aroma and taste with a long finish. If you can find it grab a bottle.

Sipper not a mixer imo.

Nice flavor composition using the solera method where numerous aged rums up to 35 years are blended together to create a wonderful sipper from Venezuela. Top of the line in the Santa Teresa line of fine rums, this rum does not disappoint. Meant to be drank neat as their lower priced, younger rums are more suited to being mixed.

I am new to the world of aged Rums and must add that I like to sip on aged Rum rather than mixing it. I recently purchased a bottle of Santa Teresa 1796 Rum from our local Liquor outlet. Having minimal experience with Rums I was pleasantly surprised at the profile of this Rum, which was not at all what I had expected. The aroma was sweet with flavours of molasses, butterscotch as well as oak being detected. In the mouth this Rum, while sweeter than my previous tasting with St. Nicholas Abbey Rums, but not overly sweet and was very flavourful. A nice sipper Rum to add to my collection and, best of all, it is very affordable.

Výborný rum. Chutná mi dokonce více než rumy Diplomatico. Není tak sladký a ovocný. Jemný rum s chutí mandlí a kakaa.

Un profumo indimenticabile con un forte sentore di ciliegie e frutti rossi. Amabile con finale medio corto. Delizioso

Venezuela tiene este delicioso sabor a caña único en boca suave y en nariz explosión

Beautiful color, taste great and smooth. This is a must have Rum. highly recommended.