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Medium santa teresa 1796 rum

Santa Teresa 1796 rum is produced in Venezuela and aged using the solera system that blends rums aged between 4 and 35 years. Before bottling, the rum is aged for a further year in large French oak casks to marry the blends.

This rum was first created in 1996 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the establishment of the distillery, the Santa Teresa Hacienda.

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Apenas se percibía ningún sabor por encima del alcohol. Algun regusto a café, pero no pareció un ron para tomar solo. Quizás con hielo y una rodaja de naranja estará mejor

Not in top 10 but worth of having. Seems to be hard to find, but if I ever see another I will buy

Fresh scent of citrus and wood. In the flavor, oak, plum, chocolate and leather

Was iffy about purchasing this, but considering the reviews here I dove in. Glad I did. $75 Cdn at the local premium outlet, it's definitely worthy of its place on the regular shelf. Wonderful over a couple cubes, it has little in the way of afterburn, with mild flavours of oak, caramel, burnt sugar and a very pleasing aroma. Comes in a heavy duty, blue cardboard tube and the bottle is a newer design of quality crystal. Would almost make a fine decanter.


Quite a bit forward with ethanol and spice. Tried adding water and ice but the taste changed for the worse. Best beat but the spice is so forward it’s hard to find the other notes.

Too much initial burn when taken straight, as other readers have said. However, an excellent, lasting aftertaste with a lot of flavor -- spice and just the right amount of sweet.

Tout d'abord, la bouteille est très élégante!
Une belle couleur cuivrée et un nez gourmand avec des notes de toffee (bonbon au caramel).
En bouche, on retrouve ce goût de caramel, mais les saveurs sont somme toutes assez discrètes
et s'effacent assez vite pour laisser place à une désagréable sensation de brûlure liée à l'alcool!
Dommage car au final, ce rhum manque pour moi de longueur et ne tient pas toutes ses promesses...
Il n'est pas mauvais, mais j'avoue être un peu déçu: j'attendais plus de ce rhum!

Rhum non molto lungo ma con un bouquet intenso e deciso. Assolutamente consigliato

When compared neat or on the rocks I believe there are better rums out there that deserve the higher ratings... But used in a simple cocktail like an old fashioned or Manhatten, this shines. Really great blending abilities that add a richness to any spirit forward drink it's in.

Tres bon ron, une fois ouvert on sent beaucoup toffee, bonne attaque et gourmand

Dal jsem jen 9b z 10ti protože jeho krásy je třeba trošku hledat, převyšuje jemnost nad výrazností. Tento rum není na nějaké zbrklé pití, je třeba se mu věnovat. Výborný poměr sladkosti a sudovosti. Sladká chuť je v aroma a na začátku i v chuti, sladkost rychle odchází a nastupuje sudovost, jak ji znám z guatemaly, nikoli však výrazně, zase zastřeně a jemně. Santa Teresa 1796 je tak plná a komplexní, ale je třeba to vnímat. Nedostanete žáden kopanec kokosu jak u Plantation XO, nebude tam ošklivý nástřel vanilky jako u Don Papa a nebude tam tolik Guatemaly jako v Botranu Solera. U této láhve si řekli, dáme tam vše, ale jemně, nebudeme z tohoto dělat 1 PASS dyť je to SOLERA. Doporučím tento rum těm, kteří už nehledají výstřelky, ale prostě chtějí výborný rum na pomalé pití.

I find that I lean towards the solera rums. This bottle did not disappoint me at all. Very smooth after the initial burn. I let it stand on ice for about 10 minutes and then dive in.

Velké zklamání, plochá nevýrazná chuť. Určitě za tu cenu dokážate koupit výrazně lepší rumy. Které ve Vás zanechají lepší dojem.
Surovější, rumovější. Bez výrazných tónů a chuti.

Bohužel za mne.

while other Venezuelan rums have suffered quality issues (not surprisingly), ST1796 has maintained its credentials as a super, additive-free rum drinker's rum.

I’ll start off by saying that this is a great rum. Not overly spectacular but worth picking up especially if you find it a discounted price. The fancy, eye catching packaging makes for a striking display but only adds to the price. I’ve been sitting here typing this, with it sitting beside me, and I smell yellow butterscotch hard candies and hint of cream sherry. Up close, those fragrances are pronounced with the addition touches of baking molasses cookies and a slight tropical floral note. In the mouth it starts off with sweet vanilla, brown sugar and baking spice with the development of wood, sherry and floral notes. Not very pronounced flavors and kind of a quick finish with a little sweetness, sherry and floral notes lingering on the lips and tongue. The spirit isn’t overly thick or thin and leaves nice long legs in the glass. Relatively smooth up front but the alcohol is a little hot at the finish. SUM:: A good clean sipper that isn’t overly sweet. However it’s a little underwhelming, and not very complex. Does have nice, mild sherry notes which I love. Drop the fancy packaging and knock $2-4 off the price and it’s a solid value. Cheers!

This is absolutely one of the best runs I've had. Great flavors, extremely smooth, not even the slightest bit of burn. I HIGHLY recommend this one to any that want a full flavored rum.

Tried it neat at the Laka Lono Rum Club (Omaha, NE) as part of their explorers club. It was very nice, a variety of flavors. Ended harsher than I’d care for but fruit and floral and maybe carmel up front. Not sweet, not medicine-y. Pretty amber-carmel color.


This is a well balanced rum. The aroma is a little bit fruity. In mouth it’s well balanced, smooth not as sweet as most Spanish styled “Ron”, but what’s very special with it is the smokey taste which is quite uncommon. The aftertaste is quite long and there you can taste some vanilla. One of the better Spanish styled “ron” in my opinion.
Picture: My Venezuela shelf.


Très bon rhum sucré, facile à boire strait ou avec de la glace.

A great rum taste without much sharp taste. If you enjoy the wonderful flavour of rum this is a good rum for you. Very well balanced especially for the price point - this one is worth more.

A somewhat dryer, less sweet palate; definitely smell sweeter than it tastes. Also a relatively stronger burn. Still nice though, especially if you prefer this style.

This rum had everything i love in a rum. Very smooth, Sweet but not so much it masks the other flavors, same for the alcohol burn. It has a great aftertaste that keeps lingering andere continues tot show different subtle flavors. Great sipper!

I always thought this was too light for me, that it would be lost in a cocktail. Had a sip in an Old fashioned and it was great. Not so much in the Junglebird though! Smelt naturally sweet to me but surprised by the long and very dry finish. Others noted cacao and savoury notes!

un peu doux mais je lui trouve peu de goût , pas un mauvais rhum tout de même