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Santa Teresa 1796 rum

Santa Teresa 1796

Venezuela | Aged

Santa Teresa 1796 rum is produced in Venezuela and aged using the solera system that blends rums aged between 4 and 35 years. Before bottling, the rum is aged for a further year in large French oak casks to marry the blends.

This rum was first created in 1996 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the establishment of the distillery, the Santa Teresa Hacienda.

7.6/10 (524 ratings)
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524 Santa Teresa 1796 ratings

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Posted 3 days ago by ZTrain1177 from Canada with 31 ratings

This is an excellent rum. Its enjoyable on it's on or with your favorite mix. Highly recommend


Posted 4 days ago by CaptainGreen (PREMIUM) from United States with 53 ratings

Aye, this be a decent rum. On the nose, she be sweet with oak, vanilla, and caramel - standard rum fare - but there also be a hint of fruit, and a tiny bit of smoke/tobacco hidin' in the background. As for taste, she not be terribly complex OR as sweet as she smells. There be a quick hit of sweet, but then that turns into a bitter, twangy, wine/sherry flavor that lingers a bit too long. Beyond that, there be a distinct oak flavor with baking spices to boot. There be a little burn goin' down the hatch, but not so much as you'd notice after several sips. Might this be good for sippin'? Aye! More so if you have a penchant for wine or sherry hijackin' the flavor of an otherwise decent rum. arrgh!


Posted 6 days ago by Dave from Belgium with 40 ratings

Perfect gebalanceerde rum.
Lekker bij een cuban cigar


Posted 8 days ago by RumSwanson from United States with 6 ratings

Clean flavor profile, with some subtle spice. Lovely wax dipped bottle


Posted 20 days ago by Ngordon87 from United States with 41 ratings

This rum is super smooth. Not crazy sweet like some other rums. Enjoyed this neat. Theres a slight caramel taste but nothing that stands out too much. Evenly balanced rum. Would drink again.


Posted 25 days ago by Jimmy Cliff from United States with 196 ratings

I love Venezuelan rums, Santa Teresa is similar taste and flavors to Ron Pampero but not quite as good. Excellent straight, or with some ice, dark, rich, full bodied. Nice lingering flavors of island spices.


Posted about 1 month ago by El Cap from United States with 62 ratings

This is not spectacular

But it’s not offensive. Perfectly acceptable sipper while relaxing on the patio after a good meal.


Posted about 1 month ago by Roderick Russell (PREMIUM) from United States with 1 rating

I find this one to be a solid choice for my Mai Tais


Posted about 1 month ago by MMadeleinEE from Sweden with 3 ratings

Easy to drink and really smooth taste. The only negative thing in my opinion is that the taste disappears fast. Good and not to sweet taste.


Posted about 1 month ago by Ernie Higgs from Canada with 24 ratings

I have had my eye on this for quite a while and finally broke down and bought a bottle Wow, what a great rum Full body, very smooth, lingers in the mouth. Not a lot of added spices, just great rum taste. I will certainly have more of this.