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Medium sailor jerry spiced rum

Sailor Jerry’s Spiced rum is crafted from a blend of Caribbean rums that are blended and infused with spices and other flavors including vanilla and cinnamon.

The rum is produced by Sailor Jerry Ltd., a company founded to honor the sailor-turned-tattoo artist, Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins.

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Honestly I wasn't expecting much from this rum. After all it's usually shelved along with the cheapest rums the store has to offer. And in this area you find it in every liquor store without exception.

It has a nice amber color and a subtle aroma. A good flavor with a balance of spices and flavors. Fairly complex. I admit my uneducated palate cannot specify them all but I do get some vanilla and cinnamon along with....cherry? Okay...I had to sip and re-sip but I distinctly detect some cherry in this spiced rum. Pretty good. Frankly, I suggest dumping any and all Capt. Morgan spiced rum you may have and replace it with Sailor Jerry Spice Rum. Interestingly even though it's 92 proof it doesn't have a biting burn. A nice slow, albeit strong, warmth coating the throat.

I admit there are indeed better spiced rum available but for the price this is a very good rum to have onhand. If you are at a bar and given the choice between Capt. Morgan spiced rum and Sailor Jerry, take Sailor Jerry. You will not be disappointed. Works extremely well in Coke Zero.

This popular rum is really well marketed, and it's "OK", but may be a little over-rated. It's colour is a decent amber with a bit of a red tinge. It definitely smells of vanilla... I can't quite say what the spices are, besides vanilla, however I think I taste nutmeg/allspice and it has a bit of a harsh "peppery" finish, which I'm not too fond of. Good with a cola, but's there's so many other options...

If I'm going sailing, its with my buddy Jerry.
Chances are if I've got only one bottle of rum in the house, It will be Sailor Jerry.
It is the go to rum for my roommate and myself.
whilst I do still try other rums, If I need a safe choice, I'll take Jerry.

the hint of Vanilla makes It go Especially good with Coke. (I mean, Vanilla rum and coke! heck yeah!)
However this doesn't limit it, I found That SJ makes quite a good Daiquiri

The Simplest Term to Describe SJ is that it is "Ghettolicious" It's Quite cheap. being only about a dollar or so more than your average to low end rum
Yet it just smells. tastes. mixes so well that I can't see myself grabbing something else consistently

Introduced to this by a Bother-in-law. A very nice spiced rum. Aroma is almost candy. That burnt sugar/caramel smell is a delight.
Sweet to the taste. Caramel, butterscotch and a touch of vanilla.I do get a bit of a tongue burn, but a smooth swallow with very sweet after taste. Real good with cola. Not at all bad with a rock - straight up

Really smooth, and flavourful. It makes your clothes fall off. lmao Must try!!

I don't have enough room for all the sailor jerry tattoos I want because of the pleasure jerry has brought me and my top party companions.

Sailor Jerry spiced has a lighter spice taste than some spiced rums, that doesn't make it a lightweight though.
I drink it with 7up, ice and a piece of lime. I love the vanilla and caramel undertones.

And the tattoo stickers under the label have become collectibles and are now decorating my fridge.

Great when mixed and smooth going down. I just started trying this rum but already it is one of my favorites I would highly recommend it for anyone that wants something good but isn’t expensive.

Strong hints of vanilla with nutmeg undertones. On the sweet side but pairs nicely with coke.

It taste like drinking Vanilla Extract and Caramel/Butterscotch. Very drinkable on ice, mixes well with Coke if you want vanilla flavored coke. Quite sweet too.

It's good for the price, but it's definitely heavily vanilla flavored. After drinking GOOD $35 rum you quickly realize all the flaws with this one.

Not a bad Rum and a spicey one at that with a touch of vanilla and a kick like a mule but it is over priced compared with others of the same kind and that is its down fall.

Sailor Jerry spiced and Ginger beer is a lovely drink, try the 'firery' ginger beer for an extra kick.

Wouldn't normally be trying a spiced rum like this, but adventures in tiki drink making brought me here. And it works wonderfully! Makes a great Krakatoa punch!

Wow..very nice.alot smoother then i expected.. alot of vanilla and almond flavor..will always keep a bottle..........or 2 of the sailor around...great rum

Extremely strong & sweet vanilla aromas, vanilla again in mouth with leathery warm finish, tobacco there too.
In the end I was nicely surprised by this spiced rum. It is definitely not an everyday's rum as I would be rapidly fed up with the monotone flavour but an interesting once in a while sip...

I go finally got around to drinking this and have to say it was nice. I would go as far as saying it's better than Capt. MORGANS spiced rum but depending on who you ask that is not saying much. Its all about whay you desire in a spiced rum. For me it was a hearty drink full of flavor and just enough bite. If anything it would make a great mixer. Especially for a different breed of mojitos.

This is terrible. If you want cheap rum, definitely go for Admiral Nelson

Always enjoy going sailing with my buddy Jerry... great spiced rum that mixes well with a nice cold coke!

This would be great if you wanted some lightly sweet and lightly spiced rubbing alcohol... But if you aren't crazy or a raging alcoholic, do yourself a favor and try something else.

So perfect with diet Coke! So joyful after three drinks! Produces fantastic blackouts due to its 92 percent proof! Joy 1.25 drinks for the price of one! It is so smooth with dirt Coke! I am in love! The buz is Mellow and not as "drunk" as one would think. Drink it with an intention to get FUCKED UP LIKE NEVER BEFORE! I guarantee a slamming good time! Love you!

Predominant flavour of Vanilla, which I like, especially with Coke Zero which I find brings the flavour out more - I drop a stick of Cinamon into the bottle though as that's another flavour I like and after a couple of days its perfect for me.

I don't drink it neat, but as a mixer in a Cuba Libre its my go to Rum.

I love spiced rums for sipping straight up, and SJ was new to me this week. I was was quite pleased with it. The nose is a bit sleazy - like a cheap come on from the hula girl on the label. But the liquor is more refined than expected. Very forward caramel nose gives way to a nice, burnt sugar aftertaste. I would say SJ holds it's own against any spiced rum out there. Kraken is also good, though a bit sweeter. Pyrat's premium cask is a doozy, and their Reserve is delicious, but they are not spiced as far as I know. I rate SJ an 8 based on the competition, not an absolute scale of 9 being close to perfect, because I've yet to find a "perfect" spiced rum. I see that Bayou gets the highest rating here, so I will buy that next if I can find it. Takes me about 3-4 weeks to get through a bottle, so, I will hopefully discover Nirvana down on the Bayou. Until then SJ at the weekend house, and Pyrat and Kraken in the city will keep my feet up while I read about how DJT is going to either blow the world up and require we all lay in survival stocks (how many cases of Pyrat is the half life of Strontium-90?) or make America Great Again. I give the former a 0 and the latter a 10.

Spiced rum is an abomination to kick off with and this is an embarrassment to the genre. Absolute filth. Vanilla - or at least a sickly sweet approximation thereof - is front and centre with a characterless and instantly forgettable baby spice mix annoying you in the background. I expect my bottle to outlive me and will leave directions in my will that it be cremated prior to my funeral.

Just plainly gosh awful. A server talked me into this and It was an effort to drink even half of it. ( I did because I was a guest at dinner). After dinner I went home and poured myself some Pyrat. ( I was out of my 21 year old El Dorado).

Spiced rum is a tough category, and if your going to buy it off the shelf of a standard liquor store, Sailor Jerry's is a fine choice, and will go great in cocktails. You could probably do better with El Dorado Spiced or Crusoe, or better yet make your own!